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Chapter 680

However, Lady Wang kept her countenance very still . “Really? May I ask what it’s about?”

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 Lady Northern Feng glanced at Lady Wang . “How’s Feng Liu doing these days?”

 Lady Wang smiled . She told Granny Gui to bring Feng Liu here, then went back to talking with Lady Northern Feng .

 Lady Northern Feng wasn’t happy about the arrangement at all, but she decided she would be more patient with Lady Wang just for Feng Wu’s sake .

 And Feng Liu?

 Feng Liu had finally pulled herself together .

 Since she was going to marry Ning Chenxi no matter what, she had to make sure that she was ready for it . Moreover —

 It wouldn’t be right if she didn’t humiliate Feng Wu first .

 Feng Liu went to Feng Wu right away .

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 “What did you say?” Feng Wu looked at Feng Liu in bewilderment .

 “I’m going to marry Ning Chenxi!” Feng Liu gloated . “I’m going to become his legitimate wife and he’s going to give me a big fat wedding!”

 Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

 Feng Liu had no idea that Feng Wu already knew about her misleading Ning Chenxi .

 “What’s that look on your face?” Feng Liu threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “I’m your sister and I’m getting married . Aren’t you even going to congratulate me?”

 Feng Wu couldn’t even be bothered to look at Feng Liu, for she found all the bickering a waste of her time .

 She began to close the door .

 “Feng Wu! How dare you shut me out?!” Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Liu ranted . “Did you hear me? Ning Chenxi is going to be my husband! As in Young Lord Feng’s cousin, Ning Chenxi!”

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 Feng Wu said, “…Right . That’s wonderful . Are we done here?”

 Feng Liu didn’t like Feng Wu’s indifferent attitude at all . “Feng Wu, you’re jealous of me!”

 Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes at Feng Liu .

 “I’m going to marry into the Ning family and you’re never going to find a husband, because you’re a useless piece of shit with no spiritual essence!” Feng Liu snorted . “His Royal Highness might treat you differently now, but he won’t even have you as a concubine! You’ll live more miserably than a slave!”


 Feng Wu was going to ignore Feng Liu, but the girl just wouldn’t stop . She had to insult Feng Wu to satisfy her sense of superiority . She was venting her anger for having to marry Ning Chenxi .

 Feng Wu was never the type to submit meekly to oppression . She slapped Feng Liu hard in the face .

 Feng Liu spun around at the impact .

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 Her servants were all stunned by Feng Wu’s sudden move .

 “You — you hit me!” Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu, as if she wanted to set Feng Wu on fire with her eyes .

 Feng Wu smirked . “Yes, I did . And I have a question for you . Are you an idiot?”

 Feng Liu: !!!

 “Showing off in front of me in that condescending tone, really?” Feng Wu sneered . “Your mother doesn’t know why the Ning family wants ‘Feng Liu’ as their new bride, but you know exactly why!”

 As Feng Wu pressed, Feng Liu stumbled back…

Feng Liu even looked frightened .

 Feng Wu could always intimidate her .

 “I – I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Feng Liu gritted her teeth .

 “On our way back to the imperial capital, don’t tell me that you were the one who saved Mrs Ning in Wanping Town!” Feng Wu took another step forward .


 Feng Liu’s face drained of all color!

 “What did you tell Ning Chenxi when he asked the name of his mother’s savior?”

 “I…” Feng Liu panicked!

 She had never thought this would happen . She had said it on a whim .

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