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Chapter 682
Chapter 682: Marriage Proposal?

Feng Liu blanched at that thought . Why didn’t anyone tell her that Mrs Ning was here, too?!

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She was about to step over the threshold, but now she hesitated .

Should she go in or not?

No, no, no —

Feng Liu turned tail, fleeing the scene!

She couldn’t blow her cover at this stage!

As Feng Liu turned to leave —

Granny Gui wouldn’t let her mistress leave so quickly after looking for her everywhere .

So, she raised her voice . “Miss Liu, please come in . ”

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Granny Gui then took Feng Liu’s arm and led the latter into the hall .

“Liu Er, there you are . ” Lady Wang was delighted . She then smiled at Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning . “My Liu Er is a kind, shy, and demure girl . She hardly ever meets anyone from outside . Xiao Wu is the one that’s running around like a wild girl all the time . Please don’t mind her . ”

Lady Northern Feng wasn’t happy to hear that at all!

What kind of aunt did Xiao Wu have? This woman just had to throw mud at Xiao Wu while praising her own daughter!

No wonder everyone else thought so low of Xiao Wu, when she was in fact a wonderful girl!

That wouldn’t do!

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Lady Northern Feng made up her mind . Once Feng Wu became her goddaughter, she would tell all the noble ladies she socialized with how amazing Xiao Wu really was . She would make sure Xiao Wu had as great a reputation as she deserved .

At that thought, Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Lady Wang .

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However, Lady Wang didn’t notice it, for she had stood up to greet Feng Liu .

Lady Wang brought the reluctant Feng Liu to Lady Northern Feng and said with a smile, “This is Feng Liu, my dear daughter . I think Your Ladyship has met her before . ”

Feng Liu looked up and met Mrs Ning’s gaze . Her stomach lurched .

“Yes, I have,” said Lady Northern Feng with a smile . “Last time at the Yan manor . ”

“Well…” Lady Wang looked like she had just been slapped and her face darkened!

Was Lady Northern Feng here to humiliate her today?

At the Yan manor…

“What about the Yan manor?” Mrs Ning asked deliberately .

Lady Wang smiled awkwardly . “Well, that’s great . Liu Er, this is Mrs Ning . ”

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Feng Liu felt so embarrassed that she wanted to leave the room now . However, the baby in her belly didn’t give her too much choice…

“Nice to meet you, Mrs Ning…” Feng Liu bowed .

Mrs Ning gave her a little nod . “Oh, it’s you . ”

Lady Wang stared at Mrs Ning in disbelief!

Wasn’t the Ning family so eager to have Feng Liu as their new bride? She thought that the family would stop at nothing to have Feng Liu! Why did Mrs Ning look so impatient and indifferent now that she had finally met Feng Liu?

Lady Wang was displeased! Your son is fond of Feng Liu . Stop assuming airs!

Face dark, Lady Wang snorted . “Mrs Ning, I see you’re not so pleased with my daughter . May I ask why?”

Mrs Ning didn’t answer the question, but only turned to Lady Northern Feng with a smile . “The Yan manor? Is that my elder sister’s home? Did something happen while I was away?”

Lady Northern Feng smiled wryly . “Well, it’s quite embarrassing, really . But since we’re all family here, I guess it’s okay for me to talk about it . Last time at the Yan manor, Yan Yan and Feng Liu…”

Lady Northern Feng didn’t hold anything back at all . She gave a detailed account of everything that happened at the Yan manor last time .

Lady Wang tried to interrupt a few times, but Lady Northern Feng ignored her completely .

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