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Chapter 679: 679

Lady Northern Feng had no idea that her silly son had gone to Jun Linyuan for help . Meanwhile, she was headed for the Feng manor with Mrs Ning .

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 Embarrassed by what had happened, Mrs Ning didn’t want to go at first .

 However, Lady Northern Feng took her hand and smiled . “That Lady Wang is just the lady of an ordinary household . Why should you be embarrassed? You’re the sister of the Northern Feng General! Pull yourself together!”

 Mrs Ning liked the sound of that!

 It was all that Feng Liu’s fault . Not only had she taken credit for something she didn’t do, she almost made the Ning family obtain the wrong bride! Feng Liu needed to take responsibility!

 The Feng clan .

 Lady Wang was in charge of household affairs in the Feng clan . Hence, she was the first to be informed of Lady Northern Feng’s visit .

 Lady Wang had been in a foul mood for days .

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 Feng Liu’s condition had made her very twitchy!

 Whenever she thought about the father of the child…

Lady Wang wanted to kill herself!

 She thought about getting rid of the baby at first, but after consulting the medicine refiner, she was told that Feng Liu couldn’t have an abortion .

 Because a tumor had been growing inside Feng Liu and it was very close to the baby . An abortion would be very dangerous for Feng Liu and she might die during the process!

 “So, you have to have this baby! The tumor will come out when you give birth!” Lady Wang said in a grave tone as she held Feng Liu’s hand .

 “But… sob…” Feng Liu felt that her whole life was ruined . “But… how am I going to do that?”

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 “Listen to me!” Lady Wang stared at Feng Liu . “I’ve asked an oracle . You’re going to have a blessed baby . It’ll become a genius one day!”

 1“R- Really?”

 “Yes!” Lady Wang had really done that, which was why she was so certain .

 “So, you must give birth to the baby! Listen —” Lady Wang stared at Feng Liu . “We have to find the baby a father . ”

 “Sob —” Feng Liu wept .

 “The Ning family has been repeatedly asking to marry you to their son . It’s a good family . They’re well-connected and the son is very promising . The Ning family it is, then!”

 “I…” Feng Liu wanted to say no, but she was in no position to do so .

 She could only fight back her tears and say yes .

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 Granny Gui’s voice rang out at that moment .

 “What? Lady Northern Feng is here in person? And Mrs Ning, too?”

 Lady Wang was thrilled . “That’s great!”

 The Ning family had been awfully quiet these last few days and Lady Wang had been wondering why . Now that Lady Northern Feng and Mrs Ning were here together, it had to be about the marriage proposal!

 So, Granny Tao had taken Feng Wu with her to ask about the Feng clan, hadn’t she? That damn girl! She hadn’t told them anything after she got back!

 Lady Wang cursed Feng Wu in her head .

 After straightening her clothes, Lady Wang went out to greet the guests .

 After all, Lady Northern Feng was here as well .

 “It’s a great honor to have you here, Your Ladyship . Please come in . ”

 Lady Northern Feng had planned to go to Fallen Star Yard right away, but seeing how enthusiastic Lady Wang was… Well, she was Xiao Wu’s aunt, and Lady Northern Feng thought it inappropriate to ignore her .

 At that thought, Lady Northern Feng followed Lady Wang into the main hall .

 Lady Wang still believed that the Ning family was desperately trying to marry their son to Feng Liu and she became very reserved and nonchalant toward Mrs Ning .

 Mrs Ning frowned .

 Lady Northern Feng broke the ice . “Lady Wang, I’m here to ask you a favor . ”

 Yes, that was quick . Lady Wang was excited .

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