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Chapter 68: Sowing dissension!

Her beauty of a mother was indeed gorgeous, however her……brain had a bit of a problem, don't know what happened at that time, but her beautiful mother lost a lot of her memories, her IQ had remained somewhere in the childhood stage since then.

That's why her beautiful mother's IQ was even lower than the twelve year old little Seventh Feng.

Therefore during these years, even though Feng Wu hadn't reached adulthood, her entire family depended on her to support them.

Seeing these two teary-eyed family members hanging onto her body, Feng Wu also felt pained as she rubbed little Seventh Feng's head while using a gentle motion to wipe away the tears from her mother's eyes.

Dear beautiful mother, pretty eyes limpid and pure, eyelashes thin and delicate, glazed by moonbeams, tears streaming from her eyes. Feng Wu's heart felt unbearably pained.

Not so far away, Cai Yue gripped the whip in her hand. She wanted to move forward and berate them, however, thinking of the Feng family's fifth young lady's glorious incomparable strength during those years, she could only stand still and didn't dare to act blindly.

Just at this time, Feng Liu rushed from outside towards them in a rage, seeing her crying extended family hugging each other into a lump, the corners of Feng Liu's mouth curved into a sinister cold smile. "What is this? Crying so miserably? Is the whole family going to be swept away out the door to become beggars?"

Little Seventh Feng saw Feng Liu and immediately became so overbearingly angry that all of the veins on his jadelike fair little face popped out. "You! You! How can you be so evil! I hate you!"

Feng Liu snatched the black whip from Cai Yue's hand, and closed in on the as she sneered. "Tell me, how am I evil?"

Little Seven Feng ground his teeth. After he met his sister, he immediately gained confidence, hence he straightened his body and coldly reprimanded. "You deliberately tormented me again and again! Had me move ten thousand bricks everyday. Yesterday, you forced me to move them all to this side, today you forced me to move all of these bricks again to the other side of the courtyard. If this isn't you deliberately tormenting me, then what is it!"

Feng Liu smiled a smile that's not a smile while fiddling with the black whip in her hand, casting sidelong glances at little Seventh Feng. "It's because you first shattered my sparkling glasslike purple jade, my dear seventh brother, that's why I punished you by having you do a bit of manual labor. So what?"

"I didn't break it! You clearly threw that purple jade on the ground yourself!" Little Seventh Feng was terribly, terribly angry for being wronged.

"He he." Feng Liu returned two words as she swung the whip in her hand, laughing especially arrogantly. "All of the bricks hasn't been moved today, hurry and get to work, if the work's not done, double tomorrow!"

"Elder Sister……" Little Seventh Feng was clearly frightened as that pair of limpid, transparent eyes miserably turned towards Feng Wu.

Feng Wu scratched her head as her gaze moved from Feng Liu to Feng Yi Ran's body.

Feng Liu was unreasonable, was Feng Yi Ran was similarly shameless?

Feng Wu's clear as water eyes calmly turned towards Feng Yi Ran. "What does Elder Brother think of this matter?"

Feng Yi Ran's face was as peaceful as water, just like the son of nobility as his left hand rested on his back while sword shaped eyebrows faintly knitted, reproachful gaze fixed at Feng Wu. "Fifth Sister, your own body's crippled, so be it, why also have Seventh Younger Brother raised as a cripple?"

Feng Wu's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Feng Yi Ran criticized Feng Wu sounding dignified and uprighteous. "Although Little Seventh's aptitude can't be said to be superb, nevertheless, it's also not useless. Originally, when he resided at the imperial capital, he already started to cultivate. Why is it that after five years, he's still only a first level Spirit Master? Fifth Sister, even if you're envious of Seventh Brother, you can't be this heartless and raise him as a cripple? !"

Those severe, righteous words blamed, boldly and confidently condemn with the demeanor of the head of a family, immediately setting Feng Wu up as unrighteous!

Worthy of being Feng Yi Ran, driving a wedge between them with such a skillful move!

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