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Chapter 69: How Is It Strange?

These words from Feng Yi Ran suddenly painted Feng Wu as being unrighteous!

Everyone's gazes turned towards Feng Wu, apparently waiting for Feng Wu to give an explanation.

Five years ago little Seventh Feng was already a level one Spirit Expert, why is it that he was still a level one Spirit Expert?

Of course Feng Wu knew the reason for this, however, she wasn't prepared to make this matter known to world at all, because this was a secret.

Little Seventh Feng held Feng Wu in place as his eyes turned to glare at Feng Yi Ran panting with rage. "I'm the one who hasn't lived up to expectations, why would you blame my sister? ! My sister treats me extremely well! Even better than what you guys can imagine. You guys wouldn't understand!"

"Exactly!" Her beautiful mother angrily glared at Feng Yi Ran.

A gratified feeling appeared in Feng Wu's heart.

Because of her beautiful mother and Little Seventh Feng's wholehearted trust and love, her formerly steeled blood became warm as it bathed in familial love. That's how she could survive these five years after having fallen from a goddess-like stature.

They needed her, yet how could she not need them?

Feng Yi Ran knitted his brows, somewhat displeased.

Actually, during these three days, he'd put in some effort.

He attempted to defame Feng Wu, to break the sibling love between Feng Wu and young Seventh Feng, to break the mother daughter love between the Second Madam and Feng Wu. However, these two people were like idiots, no matter what kind of lures were placed before them, without exception, they shook their heads, shook their heads, shook their heads, declined, declined, declined, simply nothing could enter their ears.

Feng Yi Ran really couldn't understand, Feng Wu's already become a useless person, why did they still have such confidence in her, and feel that she could protect them from wind and rain? What kind of charm did she possess?

Feng Wu smiled a smile that's not a smile as she glared at Feng Yi Ran. "Elder Brother has nothing left to say now, right?"

Feng Yi Ran frowned as he pompously said. "Since you're not teaching him, then leave it to me to teach little Seventh Feng. Having him do physical labor looks like a punishment on the surface, but it'll actually hammer his willpower into shape and toughen his body, allowing his strength to advance another step."

"Temper his willpower, toughen his body? Sounds quite dignified, does Elder Brother believe your own words?" Feng Wu wore a mocking expression.

A hand clenched firmly into a fist was hidden behind Feng Yi Ran's back!

This Feng Wu! Clearly, she's already become a useless person, yet the totally forceful, imposing attitude coming from her body was as overbearing as before, still able to plant fear in people's mind, birth awe in the heart, truly made a person feel dislike!

Jun Lin Yuan's group didn't know about this scene taking place at the Feng family at all.

At this moment, they were coming out from Icebound Forest.

Feng Xun was very angry throughout the journey, so angry he jumped up a tree and 'Ah Ah Ah' roared quite a few times, startling the surrounding demonic beasts into thinking enemies were attacking, scattering all over the place, escaping without a trace.

However, there's something positive about Feng Xun's personality, and that was that his temper came quickly, but also left quickly. Therefore, his current mood was already much better than it was previously.

A cool-headed Feng Xun started to feel ashamed and uneasy.

From time to time, he stole a glance at Jun Lin Yuan, walking for a while, then stole another glance.

Could it be that Jun Lin Yuan wasn't aware of these glances? Merely, his……motionless, iceberg like face, didn't show any fluctuation in his mood whatsoever.

Feng Xun didn't dare to look at Jun Lin Yuan as he pulled Xuan Yi and moved to the side. "Young Second Xuan." Feng Xun lowered his voice, speaking furtively.

"What're you doing?" Xuan Yi's face was solemn.

Feng Xun replied quietly. "Little Second Xuan, look at Boss Jun, isn't he a bit strange?"

"How's he strange?" Xuan Yi's totally stiff face frowned.

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