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Chapter 67: Boo Hoo Woo ~ ~Little Wu~~Little Wu~~~

However, the spoiled Feng Liu objected. "It's naturally more pleasurable to personally take action when bullying others, how can it be fun to have others do it? Humph! Who does Feng Wu think she is? No matter what, I'll bully her for sure!"

Finished speaking, Feng Liu shook off Feng Yi Ran's hand, patta patta, quickly rushing inside, sneering as she charged. "I want to see, when she sees her mother and brother, can she still be so calm and collected!"

Feng Wu carried the wicker basket and reached the courtyard. She saw this scene before her, her eyes ignited into flames instantly!

Within the big courtyard, she saw her naive, innocent younger brother. At present, his bare upper body, on that tender, fair body were added a few lash marks, body dripping with sweat, puffing hard while doing hard physical labor!

Moving from one side to the other side of the courtyard.

Doing hard physical labor? Feng Wu's stared wide!

The servant girl who'd accompanied Feng Liu ever since she was a child, Cai Yue, was even holding a pitch-black whip in her hand at the moment, she swung the whip and 'crack crack' echoed angrily just like a foreman. "Hurry! Work faster! Don't think of being lazy! The Oldest Young Master and Sixth Young Lady already said that if you don't finish moving these ten thousand bricks by today, don't bother resting!"

Her beautiful mother's heart was in so much pain she cried incessantly, her tears were like raindrops on peach blossoms. "Little one, little once……why has your sister still not returned, little one……how're you doing….does it hurt……"

Feng Wu's beautiful mother was truly gorgeous, she was formerly indeed Martial Lord Empire's most beautiful woman, superb skin like snow, delicate as if boneless, lithe figure, so breathtaking a person's heart trembles, adding to that her crying, so beautiful the heavens and earth pales in comparison, the sun and moon losing their brilliance!

Beautiful other wanted to rush forward and beg for young Seventh Feng's sake, however, her hands were restrained by Feng Liu's other servant girl, Qiao Mo, unable to move.

Qiao Mo saw the Second Madam's tear stained face and silently turned her head away.

This face was really good-looking, when she's crying, it made a person's heart wrench even more.

Even though she was a girl, furthermore, she's even the Sixth Young Lady's servant girl, yet at this moment, her heart shook quite a bit. She wished that she could immediately let go and help the madam.

Feng Wu put down the basket she carried on her back and shouted loudly. "Stop!"

For a moment, all of their gazes charged towards Feng Wu's direction!

"Ow ow ow——" The first one to respond was little Seventh Feng, the Feng family's Seventh Young Master, Feng Wu's blood brother.

"Sister! Sister! Sister!" Little Seventh Feng had been protected by Feng Wu since childhood. During these three days when he was mistreated, he prayed continually his sister, who's like their family's goddess to him, to come and save him from calamity!

Even though his sister's cultivation was crippled, however, little Seventh Feng still resolutely believed that in this world, there's nothing that could confound his gifted sister!

Little Seventh Feng wailed an 'ow' which charged towards Feng Wu like an artillery shell, that high velocity simply made a person unable to react in time.

"Elder Sister, they're bullying me!" Little Seventh Feng wrapped himself around Feng Wu's neck as he complained loudly.

"Little Wu, boo hoo hoo——" Her beauty of a mother also threw off Qiao Mo's hand, or rather, it's more accurate to say that Qiao Mo purposely loosened her grip.

Her beautiful mother's uniquely pretty crying face that could turn the world upside down, that slim figure staggering delicately as it rushed towards Feng Wu, finally flung itself upon Feng Wu, lovely and pitiful. "Hoo hoo hoo~~Little Wu~~Little Wu~~~You finally come back~~"

Only with Feng Wu did this family truly have a pillar of support.

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth twitched slightly as she supported her forehead somewhat helplessly.

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