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Chapter 678: 678

“Don’t!” Lady Northern Feng said excitedly as she sat still and let Granny Tao dress her . “We need to go see her family in person to show our sincerity . And Ah Xun, go put on something nice . You should look your best for the occasion . ”

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 Feng Xun’s eyes lit up!

 Go see her family in person?

 Show sincerity?

 And he was to change into something nice?

 For the occasion?

 He liked the sound of that!

 Feng Xun grinned at the thought .

 However, he decided to play safe and asked gingerly, “Mum, are we going to visit little Feng Wu’s mother?”

 “Yes . ”

 “F- For what?”

 Feng Xun was eager to hear the word “marriage . ”

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 However —

 “I didn’t tell you?” Lady Northern Feng looked at Feng Xun in bewilderment .

 “Didn’t you say that you were only going to tell me after you got confirmation?” Feng Xun fought back his urge to roll his eyes .

 Lady Northern Feng looked enlightened . “That’s right —”

 “So, can you tell me what it is now?” Feng Xun blinked and guffawed inwardly . He knew it!

 “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now . Little Feng Wu is going to become your —” Lady Northern Feng paused for effect .

 Feng Xun wanted to scream with joy!

 Oh god!

 “Sister —” Only then did Lady Northern Feng finish her sentence .

 Feng Xun stood there with a blank face, as if he had just been hit on the head!


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 Feng Xun looked like he was in a trance . All his energy seemed to have left him .

 Lady Northern Feng gave him a little shove . “Stop standing around! Go get changed! You need to look your best for your sister . ”

 Feng Xun: !!!

 1He clenched his fists!

 “I’m not going with you!” Feng Xun snapped .

 Lady Northern Feng snapped back, “Suit yourself . I’m going on my own . ”

 After that, Lady Northern Feng left with Granny Tao .

 Poor Feng Xun . He was left behind, just like that…

And he couldn’t stop hearing that word in his ears: sister… sister… sister…

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To hell with a sister!

 He yelled after Lady Northern Feng, “I don’t want her as my sister!!! I don’t!!!”

 And everyone in Northern Feng Mansion could hear him .

 Lady Northern Feng flared up!

 Was he trying to let all the servants know that he didn’t like his new sister?

 Turning around, Lady Northern Feng smacked Feng Xun on the head .

 “Ouch —” Feng Xun stared at Lady Northern Feng with tears in his eyes . That hurt!

 “Like it or not, she’s going to be your sister!” Lady Northern Feng left after that .

 Feng Xun’s head hurt and he felt so aggrieved .

 How had this happened?!

 However… Feng Xun couldn’t imagine standing up to a tough mother like Lady Northern Feng . He needed to give vent to his anger now .

 But to whom?

 That was right!

 His Royal Highness didn’t like little Feng Wu, which made him the ideal person!

 “Your sister?”

 Jun Linyuan had just finished cultivating when Feng Xun rushed in, threw himself onto a chaise lounge, and started complaining .

 “That’s right! What was my mother thinking?” Feng Xun gritted his teeth . “Since when do I want her as a sister? I want to marry her!”

 2Instantly, Jun Linyuan turned his sharp gaze on Feng Xun!

 And the temperature dropped!

 The lake froze almost immediately!

 And the fish inside froze with the water!

But —

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