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Chapter 677: 677

Feng Wu raised an eyebrow .

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 To be honest, with Northern Feng Mansion’s current status, it was way beyond Feng Wu’s power to form a connection with them .

 But Lady Northern Feng was sincere .

 “Won’t you say yes?” Lady Northern Feng swayed Feng Wu’s hand back and forth and asked in a pitiful voice .

 Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

 What happened to that tough lady?

 Feng Wu could never say no to such an earnest request .

 “Well… I’ll have to discuss it with my mum . ”

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 That was to say, Feng Wu wasn’t against the idea?

 Lady Northern Feng’s face lit up right away . Other people would envy her so much for having a pretty, capable, and smart goddaughter like this! The thought brought a bright smile to Lady Northern Feng’s face .

 Feng Xun came back with the medicine at that moment . Seeing that his mother was already looking much better after such a short period of time, he was thrilled!

 He went up to her in a hurry . “Mum, are you alright now?”

 Lady Northern Feng said lightheartedly, “Xiao Wu is here . Of course I’m alright . ”

 “You look so happy . ” Feng Xun was bewildered .

 “Of course . ”

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 “Care to share?”

 Lady Northern Feng grinned . “You’ll be thrilled to hear the news, but —”

 Exchanging looks with Feng Wu, Lady Northern Feng smiled at Feng Xun . “I’ll tell you what it is when I get confirmation . Kiddo, you’ll be so happy . ”

 Looking from Feng Wu to his mother, Feng Xun thought to himself: Was his mother going to marry little Feng Wu to him? If that was the case, he really would be so thrilled .

 Feng Xun grinned at his mother .

 Feng Wu told her beautiful mother about it after she got back home…

The lady rubbed Feng Wu’s head, then asked in a pitiful voice, “…Will you still be my Xiao Wu?”

 Taking her mother’s soft, fair hand, Feng Wu said earnestly, “I’ll always be your Xiao Wu . ”

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 Lady Northern Feng was a great lady, but Feng Wu was going to take her offer for another reason .

 Right now, Feng Wu had no one backing her .

 She had a score to settle and a goal to reach .

 But she was still too weak to protect this family .

 She needed connections, resources, and patrons…

Lady Northern Feng was the most popular socialite and the Northern Feng General was an influential military official, who guarded the border of the empire .

 The lady was warm, cheerful, tough, sincere, and friendly . Feng Xun was easy to get along with, too .

 The offer had been dropped in Feng Wu’s lap and she had no reason to turn it down .

 From now on, she could leave a lot of things to Northern Feng Mansion and wouldn’t have to go to Jun Linyuan anymore . Feng Wu was elated by the idea .

 1She then sent a message back to Lady Northern Feng, accepting the offer .

 Lady Northern Feng was over the moon!

 She couldn’t stay in bed anymore and scrambled to her feet . “Granny Tao, quickly, get my things ready! We’re going to visit the Feng clan!”

 Feng Xun stopped his mother right away . “Why the rush? Can’t it wait until after you get better?”

 “But I am better . Xiao Wu can cure anything . ” What Lady Northern Feng didn’t tell her goofy son was that she had gotten her first period in over four years .

 1Feng Xun examined Lady Northern Feng’s complexion . She did look much better .

 “But why are you in a hurry to visit the Feng clan?” Feng Xun was bewildered . “How about I go fetch Feng Wu for you?”

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