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Published at 11th of June 2020 03:00:13 PM
Chapter 676: 676

Feng Wu darted a glance at him . “Who told you the medicine is evaporating?”

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 “It’s not?”

 “Why bother? Plus, it’s a waste of my energy . ” Feng Wu explained as she went on sticking needles into the lady’s stomach, “All I need to do is lend my medicine a hand and let it do its job to force the other side out . ”

 Feng Xun’s eyes lit up!

 “Why didn’t I think of that before?!”

 “Because you’re dumb . ” Feng Wu chuckled .

 Seeing Feng Wu’s smile, Feng Xun’s mind was set at rest . He was now convinced that his mother would be alright .

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 Looking at Feng Wu, Feng Xun was amazed . He didn’t know that this girl was such a wonderful doctor .

 Back in Wanping Town, when she saved his aunt, he had attributed it partially to luck . As it turned out, she should be given all the credit .

 After getting Master Bai’s medicine out of Lady Northern Feng’s system, Feng Wu prescribed her patient something new .

 She read the prescription as she wrote . “45g of Pinellia ternata fried with ginger, 30g of white atractylodes rhizome, 45g of malt…”

 Soon, she handed the finished prescription to Feng Xun .

 Feng Xun looked through it and was surprised . “These are all inexpensive ingredients . ”

 The prescription only consisted of inexpensive ingredients, which altogether wouldn’t cost him more than a silver coin .

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 “Master Bai’s prescribed ingredients cost more than 1000 silver coins each . ” Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu .

 “The price is irrelevant . All you need are the right ingredients . ” Feng Wu waved him off . “Get going already . ”

 “Yes —” Feng Xun left in a hurry .

 “Pfft —”

 Lady Northern Feng, who still looked very pale, chuckled .

 “You’re awake . ” Feng Wu helped Lady Northern Feng sit up .

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 Lady Northern Feng nodded, then smiled at Feng Wu .

 “Why are you laughing? Do I look that funny?” Feng Wu said in resignation .

 “I’ve never seen Ah Xun that obedient . ” Lady Northern Feng found herself a comfortable position, then grinned . “He’s always been this unruly, bossy young lord who picks on other people . It’s so rare to see him getting told off . ”

 “He deserved it!” Feng Wu said grumpily . “He didn’t believe me and almost got you killed . ”

 Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng sighed with emotion . “Kiddo, you’re amazing . Are you clairvoyant? You said I was going to get sick and I did . You even made the medicine in advance . Without it, I could be dead by now .

 “My whole body was in pain before you came, especially in my belly . I thought I was going to pass out . But your needles worked wonders . The pain was gone almost as soon as you stuck them in me!”

 Lady Northern Feng had always liked Feng Wu . Now that the girl had saved her life, Feng Wu had become the lady’s most favorite person in the world! Lady Northern Feng wanted to keep the girl by her side forever!

 Feng Wu nodded . “The incident last night could be a good thing . Just think of it like popping an abscess to let the pus out . It would be much harder to treat if the ailment stayed in you for too long . ”

 Lady Northern Feng nodded, then asked earnestly, “Xiao Wu, are you not going to consider Ah Xun as a possible husband for you?”

 Feng Wu gave her a wry smile . “The young lord and I aren’t made for each other . ”

 Lady Northern Feng sighed in resignation . She had an inkling earlier that Feng Wu wasn’t fond of Feng Xun when she heard their conversation . As it turned out, she was right .

 However, Lady Northern Feng simply liked Feng Wu too much to give up . If she couldn’t have her as a daughter-in-law, she could live with having her as a goddaughter .

 Hence, Lady Northern Feng took Feng Wu’s hand and stared at the latter with sparkling eyes . “How would you like me as a godmother?”

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