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Chapter 66: You'll Indeed Suffer Losses In The Future

Their voices were indifferent and alienated. The look they gave Feng Wu was clearly as one looking at a stranger.

Feng Wu's expression was as cold as frost, that pair of clear, penetrating, quick-witted eyes emanated chilliness!

Without waiting for her to speak, a taunting female voice transmitted from inside.

"Oh my, who is this, standing at our Feng Clan's door and making noise."

As she was speaking, a pale pink clothed young lady approached from within. That pair of sharp eyes swept up and down over Feng Wu's body.

Feng Wu's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Feng Liu was sixth among the Feng clan's daughters, so she was known as Sixth Young Miss Feng.

At that time, when Feng Wu was still a unique genius, Feng Liu acted sweet and smilingly. Everyday, she revolved around Feng Wu and repeatedly wandered by her side, as if she's Feng Wu's tail. Later on, after Feng Wu became crippled, Feng Liu was the first one to throw stones at her when she was down.

Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu before her.

They hadn't seen each other for five years, the genius young girl who was like a sun in the sky in those days. Nowadays, she's only a plainly clothed crippled girl carrying a wicker basket. It's just that this face truly made a person so envious they wanted to destroy it!

Thinking to this point, the corners of Feng Liu's mouth squeezed out a ridiculing sneer. "Oh my, where did this beggar girl come from, arriving at our Feng clan's door with such bad manners? Why haven't you quickly gotten rid of her already!"

Arrogant, domineering, contemptuous, taunting… if righteousness was on her side.

A sneer emerged in Feng Wu's heart. In this world where strength is king, martial strength is truly still the most important thing.

However, fortunately, she's already grasped the Immortal Spirit Fruit juice in her hands. As long as she had a bit of time, she'd be able to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill. When that time comes, all problems would be solved easily.

Feng Wu didn't exchange any words with Feng Liu, rather, she quickly indifferently nodded her head, and immediately just stepped through the door.

Feng Liu didn't expect that she had provoked Feng Wu like that, yet Feng Wu was actually still indifferent!

Moreover, the expression on Feng Wu's face as she looked at her was as if she's looking at a little girl who's making needless trouble! Infuriating!

Feng Liu made a fist, charging at Feng Wu while yelling. "Feng Wu, stop right there!"

However, Feng Wu didn't stop at all, and didn't give her any other response, either. Her slim, spirited, refined manner and ramrod straight figure took steady, blithe strides as she walked all the way inside.

Feng Liu was so angry she clenched her fists tightly. "Feng Wu, you surprisingly dare to ignore me!"

She charged forward wanting to make a move against Feng Wu. However, a slender, strong hand pulled her back.

"Brother!" Feng Liu turned towards her elder brother, as her face exposed an indignant expression. "Older Brother, let go of me, this ugly girl surprisingly dared to ignore me. Who does she think she is? Does she think that she currently is still that exceptionally talented genius from those days? Bullsh*t!"

The Feng clan's oldest son, Feng Yi Ran, was already eighteen years old. His facial features were good-looking and his lengthy body stood gracefully. Ordinarily, he seemed to be a noble young lord who could cause young girls to scream.

However, at present, his face exposed a taunting faint smile.

"Older Brother!" Feng Liu glared at Feng Yi Ran. "Don't forget, during that time, Feng Wu was famed as a genius exceeding all others. Everyone valued her innate talent, and she nearly snatched your position as successor!

"Right now, you're helping her instead? !"

Feng Yi Ran looked at his blood-related sister as if he's looking at an idiot. Her character was revealed in this way and it wasn't any good thing. Their family indeed pampered this girl too much.

"Liu Er, intelligent people never would personally make a move to kill their enemy." Feng Yi Ran rubbed Feng Liu's head as he gazed at her with a pampering look. "This temper of yours will cause you to suffer losses in the future."

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