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Chapter 669

Mrs Ning said eagerly, “Of course I want to hear the truth . Please tell me . ”

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 Lady Northern Feng cleared her throat . “Sweetheart, you know I always speak my mind and never sugarcoat things . ”

 “Yes . ”

 “I’m going to be straightforward with you, then . ”

 “Sister-in-law, just say it,” Mrs Ning urged her .

 “I offered a marriage proposal to Xiao Wu on Ah Xun’s behalf before you arrived . ”

 “What?!” Mrs Ning almost jumped to her feet!

 As Northern Feng General’s only child, Feng Xun was the sole heir to Northern Feng Mansion . Could he take Feng Wu as his wife?

 Lady Northern Feng asked, “Do you think that Xiao Wu would be marrying above her station?”

 After some hesitation, Mrs Ning nodded . “After all, Xiao Wu can’t cultivate anymore . ”

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 “I’ve always wanted her as a daughter-in-law, ever since she was little, and I haven’t changed my mind . I’d really love for Ah Xun to marry her . The girl is impeccable in her appearance, temperament, wisdom, talent… You name it . Even when she’s lost her cultivation ability, she still got the highest score in the written exam . ”

 Lady Northern Feng looked at Mrs Ning . “You said that Chenxi worked from dawn to dusk to prepare for the exam and he got the third highest score . He got 250, if I remember correctly?”

 Mrs Ning nodded .

 Lady Northern Feng said, “But little Feng Wu got 300! Full marks!”

 Mrs Ning was stunned . “Really?”

 “Really . Her answer sheets were posted on the bulletin board and I went to read them myself . It was perfection itself!” Lady Northern Feng said in amazement .

 As a straight D student, she had always admired curve wreckers like Feng Wu!

 Mrs Ning was speechless .

 “The girl didn’t think my Ah Xun was good enough for her . As for Ning Chenxi…” Lady Northern Feng smiled wryly . “I really think you should give up on the idea . ”

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 Mrs Ning was speechless .

 That same night, Lady Northern Feng felt normal when she went to bed, but at midnight —

 Her clothes were soaked with cold sweat!

 And her head was pounding!

 “It hurts —”

 Granny Tao was startled!

 Miss Feng Wu had predicted that the effects of Her Ladyship’s ailment would show up soon, but they didn’t expect it to be this soon!

 “My lady, my lady —”

 Hearing the noise, Feng Xun rushed out of his own courtyard .

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 “Mum!” Feng Xun took Lady Northern Feng’s hands . “I’ll go fetch an imperial physician! Hang in there!”

 Face pale, Lady Northern Feng was drenched in cold sweat, but she wouldn’t let go of Feng Xun’s hands . “Xiao Wu… Xiao Wu…”

 Feng Xun was worried sick and looked at Granny Tao in confusion .

 Granny Tao said hastily, “Please go fetch Miss Feng Wu . She knows what to do! She can help Her Ladyship! Hurry up!”

 Feng Xun had seen what Feng Wu could do with her medical skills . Mrs Ning’s case had been an excellent demonstration .

 “No problem! I’ll go get her now!” Without hesitation, Feng Xun dashed off!

 He ran as fast as he could!

 Feng Wu hadn’t gone to bed yet . Instead, she was boiling some herbal medicine .

 Feng Wu had bought the necessary ingredients from a herbal medicine shop on her way back home from Northern Feng Mansion . She had proceeded to boil them right away .

 Bang —

 Feng Xun rushed in, grabbed Feng Wu’s arm, and tried to drag her away .

 “Hey, wait —”

 Feng Wu was still working on the medicine . She fetched a bottle, poured the liquid in, then handed it to Feng Xun .

 “What’s this?”

 “The medicine to help your mother,” said Feng Wu . “Divide this into three equal portions and feed each one to her every two hours . I’ll check up on her tomorrow morning . ”

 “But —”

 “I examined her this afternoon . This will work on her,” Feng Wu said earnestly .

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