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Chapter 668

“Pffft —” Infuriated, Mrs Ning spat out a mouthful of blood .

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 Lady Northern Feng was exasperated . “Don’t be so mad . It’s fortunate that they didn’t say yes . You would have even more to handle if they had agreed and you found out the truth afterward . ”

 Only then did Mrs Ning calm down a little .

 But she was still very angry!

 “How dare that girl try to play me like this?! Feng the Second isn’t someone she can mess with!” Mrs Ning used to be a handful herself before she got married .

 Lady Northern Feng smiled . Miss Feng Liu would have a very hard time after this .

 Feng Wu shook her head . She had no idea that Feng Liu could be so reckless . However, it had been Feng Liu’s decision, and Feng Liu would have to face Mrs Ning’s wrath herself .

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 Seeing that Mrs Ning was alright, Feng Wu asked for permission to leave .

 Fearing that keeping Feng Wu here would embarrass her even more, Lady Northern Feng let her go back home .

 “Feng Liu! There will be consequences! I won’t let her off so easily!” Mrs Ning said between gritted teeth as she clasped Lady Northern Feng’s hand .

 “Alright, alright —”

 Lady Northern Feng then asked Mrs Ning to tell her what happened on the way back to the imperial capital .

 Mrs Ning told her in detail .

 She had told Lady Northern Feng once before, but the lady’s mind had wandered off, because Mrs Ning had been talking about “Feng Liu,” whom Lady Northern Feng didn’t like .

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 But it was different this time . The story was about Feng Wu and Lady Northern Feng hung onto every word .

 “What? She saved you twice? And she helped the twins as well?” Lady Northern Feng was surprised .

“That’s right . Xiao Wu is an incredible doctor . Young Master Ba of Wanping Town said that I was beyond saving and that they should prepare for my funeral, but Miss Wu wouldn’t give up . She brought me back from the brink of death . Young Master Ba is Old Master Ba’s grandson, that Old Master Ba . ” Mrs Ning sighed with emotion .

 Old Master Ba? Everyone in the Junwu Empire knew the name of that medicine refiner .

 Lady Northern Feng and Granny Tao exchanged looks . So, they could trust Xiao Wu’s medical skills, after all .

 “Then, Lady Tang’s spy poisoned me and I almost died . Miss Wu saved me again . Her skills are truly unmatched!”

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 “She’s that good?” Lady Northern Feng cried out in surprise .

 “She’s that good!”

 “I didn’t know that . Little Feng Wu has always been ignored or bullied at home . Where did she learn all that?”

 “Xiao Wu is having a hard time at home?” Mrs Ning took Lady Northern Feng’s hand, her eyes flickering .

 Lady Northern Feng nodded . “That’s right . After what happened five years ago, her family members are either crippled or weak . They’ve been through so much . As far as I know, they’ve struggled quite a bit . ”

 Mrs Ning tightened her grip . “Sister-in-law, help me! You have to help me this time!”


 “We’ve been mistaking Feng Liu for Feng Wu the whole time, which is why I’ve been trying to get Chenxi engaged to Feng Liu . But now, I’m going to ask for a marriage agreement with Feng Wu!” Mrs Ning was excited . “We want to take care of Xiao Wu! I promise we’ll be very nice to her! Sister-in-law, please help me!”

 Marry Feng Wu to Ning Chenxi?

 Lady Northern Feng didn’t like the sound of that at all . “I’m afraid not . ”

 “But why?” Mrs Ning asked .

 Lady Northern Feng looked at Mrs Ning . “My dear sister-in-law, do you want the truth?”

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