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Chapter 670: 670

Feng Wu looked so trustworthy .

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 Feng Xun stared at her for a minute before he gave a nod . He then left with the medicine .

 “Miss, are you not going with him? Are you sure they’ll be alright?” Qiuling was concerned .

 After all, the patient was Lady Northern Feng .

 “The medicine will solve her problem . ” Feng Wu was very confident .

 In fact, Feng Wu was too busy to leave home .

 She was designing a formation .

 Since Grand Secretary Fang had given her the property next door, Feng Wu decided that she would make full use of the lode underground .

 Dig the spiritual stones out? That didn’t seem like the most ideal choice .

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Instead, Feng Wu decided that she would build a cultivation formation on top of that lode . With her current capability, she could easily build a Grandmaster Level essence-gathering formation . With it, Xiaoqi, Qiuling, and the others would be able to get double the results with half the work .

After studying the terrain, Feng Wu set out to build a small Immortal Taiyi formation .

 Thus, Feng Wu spent the whole night focusing on drawing out the formation . She had to be very precise with her strokes!

 Quiling bustled in and out of the room, delivering Quling tea and hot towels to her mistress .

 Feng Wu was consuming an abundant amount of spiritual essence while she drew the diagram, which made her sweat profusely .

 The sweat had to be wiped off before it dripped down; the drawing would be ruined if even one drop of sweat fell on it .

 Feng Wu had left the instruction before she started working .

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 Qiuling looked at her mistress .

 Miss Wu could be carefree and lighthearted at times, and she never hesitated to pretend or show weakness when necessary . However, when she put her mind to something, she held nothing back .

 Right now, Feng Wu seemed to be in an enigmatic, indescribable state . She kept adding more to the drawing, and with each stroke, more spiritual essence was consumed .

 She had long drained her spiritual essence and was only able to hold on because of top-grade spiritual stones and Quling tea .

 One after another, the top-grade spiritual stones shattered into little pieces, and no matter how many cups of Quling tea Qiuling brought in, Feng Wu downed them all . Qiuling looked at Feng Wu’s pale lips and the cold sweat on her forehead —

 1Qiuling worried about her mistress so much .

 But she knew better than to disturb Feng Wu or try to talk her out of it .

 In moments like this, Feng Wu was the most stubborn . She would lose her temper if anyone tried to interrupt her when she was working .

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 Qiuling had no idea how long it would take Feng Wu to finish…

Leaning against the doorframe . Qiuling looked up at the silver moon and kept Feng Wu company .

 Soon, it was deep into the night .

 Then dawn came and the eastern sky began to light up .

 The first ray of sunlight painted the sky orange .

 Only then did Feng Wu put down her pen .

 “Miss —”

 Qiuling already had a towel ready, which had been heated to the right temperature to soothe Feng Wu’s fatigue .

 Feng Wu put the hot towel over her face . The steam felt very comfortable .

 She glanced at Qiuling . “You soaked the towel in hot Quling tea . What a waste . ”

 With the steam from the Quling tea, Feng Wu’s eyes felt rested and looked as limpid as before .

 Qiuling took the towel, then handed Feng Wu a pair of soft slippers .

 All of Feng Wu’s shoes were made by Qiuling to the exact measurement of Feng Wu’s feet . They always fit Feng Wu nicely .

 “Qiuling, it’s so wonderful to have you around . I don’t think I’d know what to do without you . ” Feng Wu enjoyed Qiuling’s service .

 Qiuling smiled gently . “Miss Wu, you’re meant for important things . Helping you with the petty matters is all I can do . ”


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