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Chapter 667: 667

Lady Northern Feng’s question attracted everyone’s attention .

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 Only then did Mrs Ning see Feng Wu’s face!

 So did Granny Qu beside her!

 Both women were shocked!

 They looked as if they had been struck by lightning!

 All words failed them!

 Feng Wu cleared her throat . “Mrs Ning, it’s been a while . ”

 Mrs Ning didn’t know what to say .

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 This was so embarrassing .

 She had poured out her grievances without checking the room first and had gone on and on about Feng Liu and the Feng clan… She hadn’t tried to hide her dissatisfaction at all .

 But the person she was talking about had been here all along!

 And that person had saved her life before!

 Mrs Ning was so embarrassed .

 “Xiao Wu, you know my sister-in-law?” Mrs Ning was the sister of the Northern Feng General .

 “Xiao Wu?” Mrs Ning looked at Lady Northern Feng in bewilderment . “You called her Xiao Wu?”

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 “That’s right . ” Lady Northern Feng nodded .

 “Isn’t she Feng Liu?” Mrs Ning looked at Feng Wu in astonishment . “You’re Feng Liu and you saved me twice on our way back, didn’t you?”

 Mrs Ning sounded desperate, for she had a very bad feeling about this .

 Lady Northern Feng was equally baffled . “What Feng Liu? She’s Feng Wu, the fifth daughter of the Feng clan! Feng Liu is the sixth daughter . How can you mistaken one for the other?”

 Mrs Ning was dazed on the spot!

 “You’re Feng Wu?! Your name is Feng Wu?! You really are Feng Wu?!” Mrs Ning grabbed Feng Wu’s wrist . “You… tell me who you are!”

 Feng Wu gave her a wry smile . “Mrs Ning, there must have been a misunderstanding . I’ve always been called Feng Wu and Feng Liu is my sister . You’ve met her before as well . She was with Feng Yiran at the time . ”

 Mrs Ning: !!!

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 “My lady… My lady…”

 Mrs Ning shut her eyes and her knees buckled . She almost fainted .

 Luckily, Granny Qu reacted in time and stopped Mrs Ning from falling .

 Seeing Mrs Ning’s reaction… most of the people in the room had guessed the truth .

 Granny Tao looked shaken . “Did Mrs Ning mistaken Miss Feng Liu for Miss Feng Wu? That is…”

 Lady Northern Feng was equally bewildered .

 Feng Wu shook her head . Taking out a silver needle, she gave Mrs Ning’s philtrum a quick prick and Mrs Ning opened her eyes shortly afterward .

 Mrs Ning was furious after she regained her strength . “I was misled! It’s a huge misunderstanding! This is so…”

 Lady Northern Feng patted her on the back . “Calm down, calm down . Luckily, the damage is still under control . Although, how could this have happened?”

 Mrs Ning was so angry that her face had drained of all color . “That day, Miss Feng… Wu…”

 She took Feng Wu’s hand . “After Miss Feng Wu left, Granny Qu went to ask for the name of the girl who saved my life, and that Feng Liu told her that it was Feng Liu who had helped me! That was why I’ve been mistaking Feng Liu for Miss Wu all along! And I wasn’t the only one! That girl said the same thing to Chenxi!”

 Hence, Mrs Ning had gone straight to the Feng clan after they arrived at the imperial capital, asking for a marriage arrangement with “Feng Liu . ”

 Lady Northern Feng said, “So, you are all victims of that real Feng Liu . ”

 Mrs Ning was almost in tears . “It’s so stupid of us . We’ve been trying so hard to marry Chenxi to that Feng Liu! And we pulled so many strings . And as it turns out —”

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