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Chapter 663: 663

The doctor arrived .

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 An idea struck Lady Wang . “Go hide behind the bed curtain! Now!”

 When the doctor came in, Feng Liu only stuck a hand out without showing her face .

 Doctor Gu was well-known in the imperial capital for his abilities . He looked delighted after feeling the pulse .

 “Madam, congratulations . The patient is with child . ”

 Feng Liu shuddered!

 Lady Wang drained of all color as well!


 With child?

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 It was really happening?

 Lady Wang felt the room spin in front of her eyes and she almost fainted!

 Feng Liu was really pregnant… What should they do now?

 Behind the curtain, Feng Liu wished that she could pass out now . That way, she wouldn’t have to face the humiliation .

 Doctor Gu gave Lady Wang a suspicious look .

 What a strange family .

 Other families would be thrilled to hear the news, but people here in the Feng manor looked as if the world was about to end .

 Lady Wang finally came back to herself . She squeezed out a smile, then asked a maid to see Doctor Gu out .

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 Luckily, Granny Gui was as vigilant as ever . She stuffed a pouch filled with money into Doctor Gu’s hand and said in a warning tone, “No one else is to know about this!”

 Feng Liu broke down as soon as the doctor left and she burst into tears!

 Seeing Feng Liu’s reaction, Lady Wang was at a loss over what to do .

 Feng Wu had no idea of the drama going on back home . At that moment, she was on her way to Northern Feng Mansion, led by Granny Tao .

 Lady Northern Feng came out to greet Feng Wu at the front gate .

 The lady was elated to see Feng Wu . She hurried to Feng Wu’s side and grinned . “Kiddo, you’ve forgotten about me . You’d never come visit me if I didn’t invite you over . ”

 Feng Wu only smiled . “I’ve been busy preparing for the written exam . ”

 Lady Northern Feng’s eyes lit up and she patted Feng Wu on the shoulder . “You’re amazing! You’ve surprised everyone! No one thought you’d apply for Imperial College, let alone get the highest score! That’s so incredible!”

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 Feng Wu gave her a wry smile . “It was only the written exam . ”

 “Only the written exam?! I was told that you’re the first person ever to get full marks! Your name is going into the records! Xiao Wu, how can you be so smart?!”

 Lady Northern Feng looked Feng Wu up and down . The girl was pretty, smart, and adorable . She was perfect .

 The lady had wanted to set up a marriage agreement with Feng Wu when the latter was little, and that hope had never faded .

 Hence, she blurted out, “Xiao Wu, Ah Xun would be so lucky to have you as his wife . ”

 “Pfft —”

 Feng Wu was sipping her tea and she spat everything out at those words .

 “Cough, cough —”

 Feng Wu put down the cup in a hurry and Qiuling quickly wiped her hands with a handkerchief .

 Lady Northern Feng gave her a wry smile . “I guess I don’t have to ask anymore . You got so scared that you spat out your tea . ”

 Feng Wu waved her hands, looking flustered . “No, it’s not that . Lady Feng, I’m not good enough for Young Lord Feng . ”

 Lady Northern Feng’s eyes lit up!

 “Are you saying that you’ll marry Ah Xun when you think you’re good enough for him?”

 Feng Wu coughed again . “Please don’t take this the wrong way, Lady Feng, but the young lord is very picky . He’ll never want me as his wife . Moreover, he’s really stubborn and wants to find a girl himself . I’m afraid he’ll become defiant if you try to make the decision for him . ”

 Recalling what a naughty little bugger Feng Xun was, Lady Northern Feng agreed with Feng Wu’s reasoning .

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