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Chapter 664

Lady Northern Feng raised an eyebrow at Feng Wu . “I’ll beat about the bush a little and see how he feels about you . ”

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 Feng Wu picked up her cup, trying to change the subject .

 She noticed something on Lady Northern Feng’s face and frowned .

 Noticing Feng Wu’s unblinking gaze, Lady Northern Feng felt disturbed .

 “Kiddo… why are you staring at me like that? It gives me the creeps . ”

 The frown on Feng Wu’s face grew bigger .

 “Your Ladyship, I need to speak to you in private . ”

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 Lady Northern Feng was bewildered . Why was the girl so serious all of a sudden?

 Since she had always liked and trusted Feng Wu, the lady dismissed all the maids so that Granny Tao was the only servant left in the room .

 “Lady Feng, you…” Feng Wu asked after some hesitation . “You sweat easily these days, don’t you?”

 Lady Northern Feng was surprised by the question and Granny Tao answer for her immediately . “That’s right . Her Ladyship has been sweating profusely in her sleep in the past month, but she rarely sweats during the day . ”

 “Does she wake up at midnight every day, covered in a cold sweat?”

 “Yes! That’s right!” Lady Northern Feng nodded in a hurry . “That’s exactly what’s been going on . I’ve been jerking awake at midnight every day . I can always go back to sleep soon afterward, which is why I haven’t thought much of it . How did you know that?”

 Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Because midnight is when the Yin and Yang energies replace each other . ”

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 “Huh?” Lady Northern Feng didn’t know what that meant, but still felt concerned .

 Feng Wu then asked, “Do you occasionally feel dizzy when you get up in the morning these days? But the sensation goes away after a while?”

 “Yes!” Lady Northern Feng nodded . “Xiao Wu, you’re spot on! I felt that way several mornings in a row and I sent for doctors . But they only told me that I was plagued by weakness and needed more rest . That was all they could say about my case . ”

 Feng Wu examined Lady Northern Feng’s face, then leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Has it been a while since you had your period?”

 Lady Northern Feng’s eyes widened . “How… how did you know that?!”

 She looked at Granny Tao when she said that .

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 Granny Tao smiled bitterly . “Your Ladyship, I would never tell Miss Wu such a private matter . ”

 Lady Northern Feng believed her . She then turned her sharp gaze on Feng Wu . “How did you know that?!”

 Her menstrual cycle was so private a matter that the only other person who knew about it was a female medicine refiner in the medicine refiners guild!

 Feng Wu shrugged . “I can see it on your face . ”

 Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t believe it . “You’re too young to be able to do that . I don’t believe you . ”

 Feng Wu gave her a wry smile . “If you let me check your pulse, I can tell you how long it’s been since you had your period . ”

 Lady Northern Feng stared at Feng Wu suspiciously .

 Feng Wu gave her another wry smile . “Your Ladyship, I wouldn’t have involved myself in such a matter if it wasn’t for your kindness toward me . ”

 That convinced Lady Northern Feng . The girl was wise in the ways of the world and played it safe . Bringing up this matter was already against her philosophy .

 “Alright —” Lady Northern Feng raised her right arm and rested it on the table in front of Feng Wu .

 Even that female medicine refiner from the guild couldn’t tell how long it had been since she had her period; how could Feng Wu know? Even Granny Tao wasn’t so sure .

 Feng Wu narrowed her eyes as she checked the lady’s pulse .

 She almost never actively tried to help a patient, but when she did, she would spare no effort .

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