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Chapter 662: 662
Chapter 662: With Child?!!!

Grinding her teeth, Lady Wang sent Granny Gui out to keep an eye on Fallen Star Yard .

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It was where Granny Tao had gone .

Feng Wu took a look at the invitation and was bewildered . “Lady Northern Feng wants to see me? Why?”

Granny Tao showed much more enthusiasm toward Feng Wu . She smiled and said warmly, “Miss Feng was first in the written exam and Her Ladyship is so happy for you . I was sent here to take you to her . ”

Since Feng Wu had nothing better to do at the moment, she went off with Granny Tao .

Outside, Granny Gui saw Feng Wu and Granny Tao come out of the yard together, with Granny Tao holding Feng Wu’s arm in a deferential manner…

Granny Gui’s pupils contracted . She went to report to Lady Wang as soon as Feng Wu left!

At the same time .

“Retch —”

“Retch —”

“Retch —”

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Feng Liu retched into her handkerchief .

Lady Wang frowned . “What’s wrong? You were fine this morning . Why are you sick all of a sudden? Is it a stomach problem? You lot, go fetch the doctor now —”

Feng Liu’s nose puckered up . “I’ve been like this for a few days . I feel sick all the time, I’ve lost my appetite, and I’m always sleepy . This is so annoying . ”

Lady Wang looked stumped for a moment .

She stared at Feng Liu, as if she had just been struck by lightning .

“Y- you —”

“What?” Feng Liu’s stomach lurched .

“You! H- how long have you been like this?” Lady Wang had forgotten to blink .

“Just a few days…”

“When did Feng Wu come back?” Lady Wang grabbed Feng Liu’s arm with a desperate look in her eyes .

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“T- two months ago, I think?”

“Then you and…” Lady Wang’s eyes popped . “You! You!”

“What… did I do?”

“You’re not with child, are you?!” Lady Wang stared at Feng Liu!

Feng Liu: !!!

Eyes wide open, Feng Liu looked like she was in a trance as she stood dazed on the spot .

She put a hand on her belly… could it really be…

If that was the case… Oh god!

“Mum, what… I… what am I gonna do?!” Flustered, Feng Liu was at a loss . Tears welled up in her eyes .

She was still so young and life had been smooth sailing for her . The news completely befuddled her .

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Lady Wang was no better…

“You fool!” She jabbed Feng Liu’s head with a finger .

Feng Liu cried so hard that she couldn’t say anything else .

“What’s going on?” Feng Yanfeng asked with a frown as he walked out of his study to find the mess outside .

It suddenly occurred to him that starting from a short while ago, his wife didn’t feel as pleasing as before…

His voice made Lady Wang and Feng Liu jump!

Lady Wang said in a hurry, “Nothing, really . Liu Er has an upset stomach, that’s all . We’ve sent for the doctor already . ”

“An upset stomach?” Feng Yanfeng was feeling patient today, which was very rare for him . “Come here . Let me feel your pulse . ”

“No!” Feng Liu shook her head repeatedly and tears rolled down her cheeks .

Feng Yanfeng frowned . Why was the girl so touchy?

Lady Wang hastily ushered Feng Yanfeng out of the room . “The doctor is coming soon . Please don’t let us keep you . Your official business is way more important . ”

Seeing how badly Feng Liu was shaking, Feng Yanfeng frowned, put his hands behind his back, and grumpily left the room .

“Mum, what shall I do? If the doctor gets here and I’m really… I’d rather die!” Feng Liu burst out crying .

Lady Wang felt lightheaded at her daughter’s wail and she thought she was going to pass out .

Just then —

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