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Chapter 657: 657

“Master Feng, are you not satisfied with the Ning family in any way?” Lord Wuan frowned . That wasn’t very polite of Feng Yanfeng!

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 Did he realize what kind of people the Ning family were?

 Ning Zhiyuan was a high-ranking official who was in charge of a border region and the family was connected to Northern Feng Mansion by marriage . The Feng family should be filled with gratitude that such a family would want their daughter’s hand in marriage . Assuming airs? What was this Feng Yanfeng thinking?

 Lord Wuan found Feng Yanfeng very ungrateful .

 Had this happened yesterday, with Lord Wuan acting as the matchmaker, Feng Yanfeng wouldn’t even have blinked before saying yes . But not now, not after the news Feng Yanfeng had heard from his coworkers .

 Feng Liu was first in the written exam and His Royal Highness had a thing for her? That was incredible!

 Feng Yanfeng didn’t think he was too greedy . All he wanted was for His Royal Highness to take Feng Liu in as his imperial concubine . That would be the best thing that could ever happen to the Feng family!

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 That would be much better than becoming Ning Chenxi’s official wife!

 That was why Feng Yanfeng was stalling .

 After turning Lord Wuan down, Feng Yanfeng returned home, still excited .

 He spotted Lady Wang and Feng Liu as soon as he walked in

 “Liu Er —”

 Feng Yanfeng was delighted to see Feng Liu and he patted her on her head and shoulder . “Good girl . You made me very proud today! We would have given all the resources to you if we knew you had such potential . We wouldn’t have wasted everything on Feng Wu back then . ”

 Feng Liu stared at Feng Yanfeng in confusion . What was that about?

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 Feng Yanfeng went on, gloating . “Girls aren’t as important as boys? Says who? My Liu Er outdid all those boys out there . Kiddo, keep up the good work and be first in the physical tryout, too!”

 The corner of Feng Liu’s mouth twitched and she exchanged looks with Lady Wang . Shit! This was a huge misunderstanding!

 Her father must have mistaken Feng Wu’s accomplishment for hers . When he found out that Feng Liu didn’t even get into the first 1000 and wasn’t qualified for the physical tryout… Would that give her father a heart attack when he found out?

 But how was she supposed to correct him? Feng Liu couldn’t bring herself to say it .

 It just so happened that Feng Wu and Chaoge came back at that moment and were chatting cheerfully .

 Feng Yanfeng flared up as soon as he saw Feng Wu .

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 “Stop laughing!” Feng Yanfeng glared at Feng Wu and cast a stern look at her . “How can you even bring yourself to laugh at this point?!”

 Feng Wu looked at Feng Yanfeng in bewilderment . What had gotten into her uncle now?

 And she wasn’t the only one wondering . The others were equally baffled .

 Putting a hand behind his back, Feng Yanfeng said in the most arrogant manner, “Feng Wu, come here and congratulate your sister!”

 “Congratulate… Feng Liu?” Feng Wu frowned .

 Feng Liu hadn’t even gotten into the first 1000 . Was her uncle serious?

 Seeing the hesitant look on Feng Wu’s face, Feng Yanfeng was annoyed . He snorted . “Your sister outdid herself and gained such an achievement . As her sister, shouldn’t you offer her your congratulations?”

 Feng Liu’s face twisted and she tugged at Feng Yanfeng’s sleeve . “Dad…”

 Stop it! He was only humiliating her!

 “Right, I forgot . You took the exam as well . How did you do? You failed, right?” Feng Yanfeng said in resignation, “Well, it’s normal for you to have failed . You’re a cripple . I wouldn’t have expected otherwise .

 “Stop stalling and congratulate your sister now! She might run this clan one day and your family will be at her mercy . I’d try to get along well with her if I were you . ”

 Feng Yanfeng meant every word and thought he was justified in his behavior .

 But Feng Wu only found him ridiculous .

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