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Chapter 658: 658

Feng Liu buried her face in her hands . “Dad! Stop! Stop it, please!”

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 Feng Yanfeng looked at Feng Liu in confusion .

 She didn’t want to say anything, but with Feng Yanfeng babbling on, she couldn’t stand it anymore, especially when Feng Wu was around . Feng Liu stomped her foot . “Dad! It’s her! She’s the one who got the highest score! Not me!”


 Feng Yanfeng was dazed on the spot, as if he had just been electrocuted!

 No way!

 “Sh- she’s first?! How is that even possible?!”

 He wouldn’t believe it even if someone put a knife to his throat! Feng Wu got the highest mark in the written exam?!

 Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Liu!

 Feng Liu nodded grumpily .

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 Feng Yanfeng then turned to Lady Wang .

 Despite her reluctance, Lady Wang nodded as well .

 “No, no…” Feng Yanfeng took the blow hard . “But she’s useless…”

 “The girl you call useless was first in the written exam . ” Chaoge smirked .

 She would have long lost her temper if it wasn’t for Feng Wu, who stopped her .

 What kind of uncle was this man? Had he lost his mind, asking Xiao Wu to fawn on Feng Liu?

 Feng Yanfeng looked embarrassed . Clearing his throat, he said, “I got the facts mixed up, I guess . So, Feng Liu, what’s your ranking?”

 Feng Liu was speechless .

 What sort of father was he? Did he have to humiliate her like this in public?

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 Seeing that Feng Liu wouldn’t answer, Feng Yanfeng snapped, “Your father asked you a question! Answer me!”

 He needed to be saved from this embarrassment!

 But Feng Liu needed it more!

 She noticed the sneers Feng Wu and Chaoge gave her and she couldn’t take it anymore . She turned around and stormed off!

 “Where is that abominable girl going?” Feng Yanfeng asked angrily .

 Lady Wang rolled her eyes . “Anywhere is better than staying here and being humiliated by you!”

 Lady Wang left after that as well .

 Feng Yanfeng’s face turned livid .

 What did he do? He only asked Feng Liu about her exam result and she was giving him attitude? Had she forgotten that he was the head of the family?

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 “Mr Feng —” Chaoge said with a laugh, “Your daughter took the written exam, alright, but we searched the entire list and Feng Liu’s name wasn’t on it!”

 Feng Yanfeng was astonished!

 Feng Wu was cracking up inwardly, but she still feigned a displeased tone . “My uncle is upset enough . Don’t add to his vexation . Let’s go . ”

 She then dragged Chaoge away, but the latter reminded Feng Yanfeng before they left, “Mr Feng, I think Feng Liu should really come and apologize to Xiao Wu later and try to get along well with her . After all, this clan will depend on Xiao Wu one day…”

 Chaoge threw everything Feng Yanfeng had said back at him!

 Feng Yanfeng’s face was livid!

 His cheeks were blood-red!

 Blue veins popped on his forehead!

 In Fallen Star Yard —

 “Hahaha, hahahaha —” Taking a piece of fruit Qiuling had cut for her, Chaoge guffawed as she ate . “Oh god, that was so funny! The looks on the faces of Feng Liu, your aunt, and your uncle… Pfft…”

 Chaoge patted her chest and stomped her foot, too excited to sit still .

 Feng Wu sighed in resignation . She snatched the fruit out of Chaoge’s hand, fearing that she might choke on it .

 Five minutes later —

 “Are you done laughing?”

 “Hahahaha —”

 Ten minutes passed —

 Feng Wu looked at Chaoge in resignation .

 “Are you done laughing?”

 “Pfft… Hahaha — that was just so funny —”

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