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Chapter 656: 656

Lady Wang smiled bitterly . “Whatever . She can take all the exams she wants and it’s her own business . Speaking of which, you better prepare yourself well, for after all, you were the last name on that previous list…”

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 The mother and daughter exchanged looks at those words!

 The 1000th!

 If Feng Liu had been the 1000th before, with Feng Wu added to the new list —

 Feng Liu panicked!

 She hadn’t checked the list yet, for she had been so sure that she was on it!

 But now —

 “I’ll go have a look — I, I —” Feng Liu couldn’t even speak properly!

 She rushed toward the bulletin board!

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 By now, not many people were around the board, for everyone who needed to see it had done so .

 Feng Liu began to search for her name on the list!

 She couldn’t find it!

 She couldn’t find “Feng Liu” anywhere!

 “It can’t be! How can I not be on it?! I…” Feng Liu was so flustered that she didn’t know what to do .

 Lady Wang took a deep breath and tried her best to calm down . “Don’t panic . Let’s have a look again . I’m sure you missed it . ”

 “Yes! Let’s have another look! Mum, you start from the top and I’ll start from the bottom!”


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 The mother and daughter began to search for Feng Liu’s name again .

 But they still couldn’t find it!!!

 “How can this happen?!” Feng Liu panicked like a duck in a thunderstorm and she stood frozen on the spot, as if she had just been struck by a thunderbolt .

 In the Ministry of Official Personnel .

 “Minister Feng, congratulations . ”

 Feng Yanfeng’s colleagues cupped their fists at him .

 “For what?” Feng Yanfeng was bewildered .

 “The daughter of the Feng family is a hit this time . She’s the star of Imperial College’s written exam!” his colleagues explained .

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 Imperial College? Written exam? The daughter of the Feng family? Feng Yanfeng thought about Feng Liu right away!

 Had Feng Liu outdone herself and broken her personal record?

 “That daughter of your family got the highest score in the written exam! I think even His Royal Highness will think highly of such a talented candidate!”

 “Master Feng, you’re sure to have a successful career!”

 Feng Yanfeng was carried away by his own importance .

 Although he didn’t think it possible, there didn’t seem to be an alternative explanation .

 His daughter was a lucky girl after all . On his way back home, Feng Yanfeng couldn’t stop smiling .

 “Master Feng, a word, please?” Lord Wuan went up to Feng Yanfeng .

 Feng Yanfeng was a little confused . Lord Wuan and himself weren’t from the same circle . What was this about?

 Lord Wuan only explained the purpose of his invitation after he showed Feng Yanfeng into World Tower .

 “The Ning family has a marriage proposal?” Feng Yanfeng took the hint right away .

 Lord Wuan was from an old noble family in the imperial capital and was quite the character himself . Instead of showing up at court for duty, he spent his days indulging in petty hobbies . However, he was quite popular in the imperial capital’s social circle and was considered a reliable person .

 “That’s right . ” Lord Wuan smiled . “Ning Chenxi, the son of the Ning family, wants no one but Feng Liu as his wife . They came to me to act as the go-between . Old Feng, do you have a preferred date? I’ll tell the Ning family to officially propose to your daughter . ”

 1Feng Yanfeng was going to accept the offer, but he recalled the congratulations he had received earlier, which changed his mind . He said with a smile . “Let’s talk about it later, shall we?”

 Lord Wuan frowned . He had brought the good news himself, and this man was still stalling?

 As a matter of fact, Lord Wuan had heard about Feng Liu’s controversial reputation before, but Ning Chenxi was very persistent .

 1Seeing Feng Yanfeng’s reaction, Lord Wuan wasn’t pleased .

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