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Published at 26th of May 2020 02:35:10 PM
Chapter 644: 644

But Feng Wu the genius…

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“Which Feng Wu?”

 “That Feng Wu, the one who was mistaken for using a fake exam permit!”

 “What genius? Isn’t she crippled?”

 “She can think of herself as a genius all she wants . What did I hear? Feng Wu the genius failed the exam?”

 “What do you expect? It’s only natural that she failed . ”

 Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

 “Well, I was wondering who was making all the noise . It was you!”

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 A voice rang out behind Feng Wu .

 It was kind of familiar, but not really .

 Feng Wu turned her head and recognized the person .

 It was Ye Yafei, the one who had had a confrontation with Feng Wu before . She was already a first-year student at Imperial College, but those around her were all candidates this year and she was their leader .

 Behind her were Huo Yin and the others .

 Ye Yafei had been grounded by her family for a while because of what happened at World Tower . Hence, she held Feng Wu responsible for it .

 “Feng Wu, do you have no shame at all? How dare you say you can get into Imperial College . ”

 Duan Chaoyin was delighted to have an ally and she smirked . “Get into Imperial College? According to her, she got the highest score in the exam!”

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 “Hahahaha —”

 All four people behind Ye Yafei guffawed!

 Ye Yafei laughed until she was in tears . “Passing the exam is already impossible for you . Getting the highest score? Gosh, Feng Wu, have you been practicing how to be more shameless all these years?”

 Before Feng Wu replied, Chaoge retorted, “You people are all idiots! Xiao Wu is first, so what? You’re all just jealous!”

 “Hahahaha! First? Feng Wu?” Mu Yaoyao heard the noise and came up to them .

 She arrived just in time to hear what Duan Chaoge said and she cracked up . “I’ll give Feng Wu my head if she gets the highest score in the written exam!”

 “You mean it?”

 Feng Wu spoke for the first time . She fixed her gaze on Mu Yaoyao with a tiny smile on her face .

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 Mu Yaoyao was very confident about her source of information .

 She had searched from the first name to the last on that list which had come out of Imperial College earlier .

 And Feng Wu’s name wasn’t there!

 So, she smirked . “Deal! I’ll cut my head off if you’re first in the written exam . Make it into a stool or a football all you want . But, if you’re not —”

 Putting her hands behind her back, Mu Yaoyao darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu . Her voice turned cold . “I’ll cut your head off!”

 Everyone’s stomachs lurched .

 That was a big deal!

 Just then, Lady Wang and Feng Liu arrived at the scene .

 Feng Liu was going to join the fight, but Lady Wang stopped her with a shake of her head .

 Mu Yaoyao was challenging Feng Wu and that was great .

 Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu nervously .

 Qiuling and Feng Xiaoqi also looked at Feng Wu, both concerned .

 “Sister, don’t…” Feng Xiaoqi tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve and shook his head repeatedly . “Sister, her head isn’t worth it . Yours is much more precious . Just ignore her . ”

 Pfft —

 The onlookers guffawed .

 Mu Yaoyao was infuriated!

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