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Chapter 643

However, she decided to go back home now, so that she could keep an eye on Lady Wang, in case the woman tried to target her again .

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 Uncle Qiu and Qiuling had left already, for Feng Wu’s exam result was the most important thing to them at the moment .

 As soon as they left, Chaoge dragged Feng Wu out to see the results as well .

 There was a huge crowd outside the gate of Imperial College .

 “Uncle Qiu, Uncle Qiu, there are so many people . We can’t get close enough!” Qiuling jumped and pushed, but it was too packed for her to make her way through the crowd .

 People kept getting pushed back and forth in the crowd .

 Those who made it in laughed and those who failed cried .

 “Uncle Qiu, look! There are people from the Mu family!”

 Mu Yaoyao was a candidate and her family had sent people out here early that morning .

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 “And the Duan family, too . ”

 Qiuling then spotted the sisters of the Duan family .

 Everyone took the exam very seriously .

 “The results are out!”

 Just then, the gate opened, and a team of people wearing a special uniform of Imperial College came out . The scroll in their hands was so long that it took all ten of them together to put it up .

 “The results! Look!”

 Many began to push forward frantically .

 In order to see the results before anyone else, Qiuling pushed with all her might!

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 It was too dangerous!

 Feng Wu reached out and pulled her back .

 “Miss!” Qiuling was thrilled to see Feng Wu . “Miss Wu, the results are out! Let me check it for you! Let me go in!”

 Feng Wu looked at her petite maid in resignation . “Are you trying to kill yourself? Look at that crowd! You’re not going anywhere!”

 “But —”

 “No buts . Stay put . ”

 “Miss, don’t you want to know the result?”

 Feng Wu snapped . “I know the result . I’m first . There’s no need to push through all those people . ”

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 She was only telling the truth, but —

 They weren’t the only people here .

 Feng Wu heard a snicker as soon as she said those words .

 She and Chaoge turned around to find the sisters of the Duan family .

 Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue .

 Their servants had run into the crowd to check the results and the two of them were waiting in the shade .

 It just so happened that they were standing next to Feng Wu and overheard her .

 “Oh my, I was wondering who said that . Isn’t it Feng Wu, the legendary genius?” Duan Chaoyin giggled . “What did I hear? Feng Wu said she was first?”

 “Pffft —” Duan Chaoyue snickered .

 Chaoge flared up at the sight of the two girls and she glared at them . “Hey! Duan Chaoyue! Duan Chaoyin! What are you laughing at?”

 Duan Chaoyin smiled at Duan Chaoyue . “Some people are just so stupid . We’ve been laughing for so long and she doesn’t even know what it’s about . ”

 Duan Chaoyue tittered .

 Chaoge raised her hand in a threatening manner!

 But Duan Chaoyin wasn’t intimidated, nor was she afraid of the humiliation . For to her mind, Feng Wu and Chaoge would be even more humiliated .

 “Everyone! Look! Feng Wu the genius wants to beat us up because she didn’t get into Imperial College!”

 Feng Wu the genius?

 Most people wouldn’t have paid any attention if Duan Chaoyin hadn’t mentioned Feng Wu’s name . After all, everyone only cared about looking for their names on that list .

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