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Chapter 645: 645

The boy said that her life wasn’t as valuable as Feng Wu’s?

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 She was a princess and the daughter of Lord Mu . Feng Wu was nothing but a cripple!

 Mu Yaoyao smirked . “Feng Wu, are you in or not?”

 Feng Wu shook her head . “Well, I don’t mind the bet, but what if you deny it afterward?”

 “I swear upon this!” Mu Yaoyao smacked a wooden token of the Mu manor on the table .

 The servants had all gone off to see the list and Feng Wu and the others were all waiting in a teahouse now .

 “I, Mu Yaoyao, swear upon the honor of the Mu manor! If I lose the bet and won’t acknowledge it, my father will lose his title! Everyone here is witness!”

 Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu in a provoking manner .

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 She wanted to kill Feng Wu right now!

 If Feng Wu took the bet, Mu Yaoyao would cut her head off later without hesitation!

 “Witnesses aren’t enough,” said Feng Wu . “Let’s put it on paper . ”

 “No problem!” Mu Yaoyao was thrilled to hear that . “You want it written down? You got it!”

 Mu Yaoyao had someone fetch her a pen and paper and she sat down to write .

 She finished in no time .

 Mu Yaoyao then handed the agreement to Feng Wu . “Deal?”

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 After making sure that Mu Yaoyao had written down everything she said, Feng Wu nodded .

 The agreement was done in duplicate and everyone here was witness!

 “Can we join in as well?” Ye Yafei asked all of a sudden .

 Feng Wu glanced at Ye Yafei . “What are your terms?”

 “I’m not betting with you; your life is Princess Mu’s already . I want Duan Chaoge!” Ye Yafei still held a grudge against Duan Chaoge and she smirked . “I’ll destroy my cultivation achievements myself if Duan Chaoge gets into Imperial College this time! If she doesn’t, she’ll have to destroy hers!”

 “I’m betting against Duan Chaoge, too!” Duan Chaoyin snorted . “I’ll do everything she asks if she gets in . Otherwise, she’ll be my slave!”

 “You would like that, wouldn’t you? Bring it on!” Chaoge sneered . “I’ll take the bet!”

 Just then —

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 “The results are out! The results are out!” Mu Yaoyao’s servant ran back to her in a hurry .

 “Zhao Liang, how did I do?” Mu Yaoyao asked in a confident voice .

 She had seen the earlier version of the list and was very sure of herself .

 “Princess, you’re 98th!” Zhao Liang said cheerfully . “Princess, with that score, you’ll be in the best class!”

 The ranking wasn’t the same as what Mu Yaoyao had read, but it was similar enough, which convinced her further . She kept her eyes on Feng Wu as she asked Zhao Liang the second question .

 “So, did you see this Miss Feng Wu’s name on that list?”

 Mu Yaoyao’s voice was full of sarcasm and contempt .

 Only the top 1000 candidates’ names were on that list and Feng Wu wasn’t one of them . Hence, she would have Feng Wu’s head today!

 Mu Yaoyao began to draw a dagger out of her sleeve .

 The sharp blade glinted in the sunlight .

 All eyes were on Zhao Liang!

 And they were waiting for him to say no .

 However —

 Everyone was disappointed!

 “Yes!” Zhao Liang said affirmatively!

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