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Chapter 640: 640

“Why would I?” Grand Secretary Fang looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment .

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 Feng Wu had planned to tell Grand Secretary Fang the truth, or she wouldn’t have deliberately jumped out of the dry well .

 She grinned at Grand Secretary Fang . “Haven’t you been searching for the secret of this manor?”

 Grand Secretary Fang’s pupils contracted at Feng Wu’s words .

 “Do you know anything about that?” He found Feng Wu’s question dubious .

 Feng Wu nodded . “I do . ”

 The look on Grand Secretary Fang’s face changed instantly!

 He couldn’t believe it!

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 No one who had lived in this manor had been able to find the secret — how could a girl as young as Feng Wu…

“Follow me, please . ” Feng Wu took the old man by his hand and led him to the dry well .

 The old man was confused .

 “Now, jump . ” Feng Wu was going to take the old man down the well with her .

 The old steward interjected, “Miss Feng Wu, please don’t . My old master is —”

 However, Grand Secretary Fang cut him short . “I’m sure Xiao Wu has her reasons . I’ll go have a look . ”

 Being a free spirit, Grand Secretary Fang had only become more capricious these days and wouldn’t haggle over trifles . No one would expect the once grand secretary of the empire to do such a reckless thing .

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 He felt something strange as soon as they landed at the bottom of the dry well .

 Feng Wu tilted her head and grinned . “Old Master, can you feel anything different?”

 “The spiritual essence down here seems to be denser? Is this a place designed for cultivation?” Grand Secretary Fang looked pleasantly surprised .

 Feng Wu snapped her fingers .

 Feng Tutu dashed off from Feng Wu’s chest pocket and began to dig into the ground .

 However, Grand Secretary Fang’s attention had been drawn to the walls of the well . As he felt his way around, he cried out in surprise . “The rocks used to build these walls are really unusual . They look like crude spiritual stones! Wait, they are crude spiritual stones!”

 Grand Secretary Fang was pleasantly surprised . “So, this well was built with crude spiritual stones . How extravagant!”

 Feng Wu only smiled .

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 The old man sighed with emotion . “If my guess is correct, these are all crude top-grade spiritual stones! Gosh, that’s incredible . The stones alone are worth more than this manor . Kiddo, you’ve got sharp eyes . ”

 Feng Wu was still grinning .

 Just then, there was a whooshing sound!

 Feng Tutu jumped out from under the ground and ran up to Grand Secretary Fang .

 Grand Secretary Fang’s eyes widened at the sight of Feng Tutu!

 Right now, Feng Tutu had a bib around its neck, which resembled the pouch of a kangaroo .

 In its mouth was a spiritual stone, and the pocket of the bib was filled with spiritual stones as well!

 Grand Secretary Fang: !!!

 As experienced as the old man was, he had rarely seen such high quality spiritual stones before .

 “This…” Grand Secretary Fang was surprised .

 “Old Master, what do you think of these stones?” Picking up Feng Tutu, Feng Wu put the cub in Grand Secretary Fang’s hands .

 With the top-grade spiritual stone in its mouth, Feng Tutu looked like it was eating a pancake . Its eyes were so innocent and it had such a confused look on its face .

 Taking a stone out of Feng Tutu’s bib, Grand Secretary Fang looked at it closely . He was even more amazed . “…They’re top-grade spiritual stones, every single one of them! Xiao Wu, where…”

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