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Chapter 641

“Old Master, you’ve seen it yourself,” Feng Wu said in a calm, earnest tone as she gestured at their surroundings at the bottom of the well .

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 She was right . There was no reason for Grand Secretary Fang to doubt her .

 “What’s underneath here…” Putting an open palm on the ground, Grand Secretary Fang extended his spiritual essence downward .

 Beyond layer of rocks, he reached an open space!

 Grand Secretary Fang’s sight was filled with green!

 As in the color of the best jade stones!

 “This…” Even a man like him, who had seen his fair share of the world, couldn’t help but cry out in surprise . “Are they… all spiritual stones? Beneath this manor?”

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 Judging by the consistency of the color, they were all medium grade or above .

 Feng Wu nodded with a smile .

 Grand Secretary Fang didn’t know what to say .

 He was so astonished that his knees buckled and he fell on his butt on the ground .

 “Old Master, you…”

 Feng Wu wanted to help him to his feet, but the old man waved her off . “No, please don’t . ”

 He expanded his search from the dry well as the center .

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 At first, he thought that there were spiritual stones stashed underground, but what he discovered after his investigation took him by surprise . “It’s a lode… and an unmined one!”

 Feng Wu nodded .

 The old man took a deep breath . “That’s just so…”

 He had never expected this to be the secret that the family had been trying to figure out for generations!

 Grand Secretary Fang had investigated the underground area before and had even dug up the ground, but those attempts had all been futile . He only realized today that it was because he had used the wrong entrance .

 This dry well was the real entrance to that lode .

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 “Kiddo, you really are…” Was this what a phoenix girl was like? Exactly how lucky was she?

 “How did you find out?” Grand Secretary Fang was much calmer after coming back up from the dry well, and he asked Feng Wu the question with a smile .

 Feng Wu shrugged . “I was sitting on the wall one day and I saw a flash in that dry well . Based on the time, the direction, and the terrain, I was pretty sure I knew what it was . Moreover, there was Feng Tutu —”

 Feng Wu rubbed the cub’s head . “Treasure hunting is in its nature . It went in and came back up with a top grade spiritual stone . There was no question . We have a lode of top grade spiritual stones under our feet . ”

 “But you still declined my offer when you know what’s hidden underground . ” Grand Secretary Fang sighed with emotion .

 In terms of money, the spiritual stones down there was worth the income of a small country!

 However, not only had the girl refused the gift, she also shared the secret with him .

 Grand Secretary Fang had always liked the kid, and now, he thought the world of her . More importantly, she was kind and had a noble heart .

 Who wouldn’t like such a child?

 “Sign this . ” Grand Secretary Fang handed Feng Wu the grant agreement .

 Feng Wu’s eyes opened wide . “Old Master, do you know what you’re doing? You have a top grade spiritual stone lode under your house, and you’re giving everything to me?”

 Grand Secretary Fang said grumpily, “You shared such a big secret with me . I’m not going to act like a stingy man!

 “Others have searched for generations, but remained clueless . Whereas you, you did nothing but sit on that wall, and you solved the mystery . That’s just fate . Or, shall we say, the lode was meant to be yours all along . ”

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