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Chapter 639
Chapter 639: You’ll Send Hitmen After Me

However reluctant Mu Yaoyao was, she was still dragged out by Steward Fang .

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“Grand Secretary Fang —”

Feng Wu wanted to say something, but the old man wasn’t in the mood .

He was so disappointed .

Lady Mu wasn’t his own daughter, but he had brought her up himself . And what she had tried to do to him was unbelievable!

Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand, indicating that Feng Wu should keep her silence .

“Lord Mu is the patron of the Yao clan’s business . ” Grand Secretary Fang snorted . “Mu Yaoyao is trying to take the house for herself through the Yao clan; she thinks I can’t see through her little scam!”

Why couldn’t she just say so if she wanted to buy the house herself? Why did she have to go through a third party? And she pretended she had no part in it . That innocent look she had faked was ridiculous!

“Grand Secretary Fang, don’t be mad . Mu Yaoyao can have her own plan and so can you . ” Feng Wu shrugged .

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“But I’ll have to sell this house eventually and it has to happen within two weeks . ” Grand Secretary Fang sighed . “Otherwise, I fear that the curse will fall on Xuan Yi . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said in resignation, “But I can’t just sell it to anyone . There are rules . First of all, the buyer has to be a Master Level formation master . Then, they have to be compatible with the aura of the house . Moreover…”

Grand Secretary Fang shifted his gaze to Feng Wu as he spoke .

“Old Master, you…”

“Oh my!” Grand Secretary Fang smacked the table . “The answer was right in front of my eyes all along! Xiao Wu, you fit the criteria to the tee!”

“To the tee?”

“That’s right!” Grand Secretary Fang asked, “Aren’t you a Master Level formation master?”

“I am . ”

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“And are you not compatible with the aura of the manor?”

“I am . ”

“And the lingzhi mushroom and blood ginseng?”

“Actually, I do have them . ”

“Problem solved!” Grand Secretary Fang had always been a free spirit, and he had only become more capricious after retirement .

Seeing that Feng Wu was hesitant, he made the decision for her . “What more do we need? I’m giving the house to you for free!”

“For free?” Feng Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “You declined a million taels of silver from the Yao family, and you’re giving the house to me for nothing?”

“Well, you’re a very likeable kid . ” Grand Secretary Fang told the old steward to get a pen and paper ready .

The old steward came back with the stationery shortly afterward .

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What a willful old man . He wanted to give the house away and he began to draft the official document right away .

He finished it in no time .

Feng Wu took a look and saw that it was very succinct . She was to accept the house free of charge, no obligations attached .

“Here, sign it . ” The old man handed the writing brush to Feng Wu . “Sign here and we’ll go change the title deed to your name . Then it’s yours .

“What are you waiting for, kiddo? Are you not happy with a big house with great feng shui?” the old man teased .

Feng Wu would be lying if she said that she wasn’t tempted .

She had no idea why, but she just kept running into good people .

Mu Yaoyao was family, but instead of selling it to that girl, Grand Secretary Fang was giving the house to Feng Wu as a gift .

“Why, are you so happy that you’re going to cry?” The old man chuckled when he saw the dazed look on Feng Wu’s face .

Feng Wu bit her lip and handed the paper back to him .

“What’s wrong?” The old man was bewildered .

Feng Wu said, “If I sign this now, you’ll send hitmen after me later . ”

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