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Chapter 63: Beautiful Master……

Mu Jiu Zhou poked the little girl's chubby little face and asked absent-mindedly. "Does the stuffed bun have a master?"

Little Feng Wu's starry-eyed face looked at him as she shook her head again and again.

Mu Jiu Zhou only felt that the chubby little girl was extremely adorable. He, who was used to being reserved and dignified actually laughed softly. "Then is this little girl willing to pay respect to me as your master?"

His body gave off the world's cleanest smell, so noble that he couldn't be defiled.

On his entire body lingered the sweet scent of plants, fresh and clean. It made a person can't help but want to approach him and approach closer.

Little Feng Wu excitedly clenched her little fists, but she still very reservedly asked. "Are you, very powerful?"

Mu Jiu Zhou stood up, his long body graceful as jade, his pair of hands held behind him, as the wide sleeves on the flowing robe hung by the side of his body filled with transcendent vast qi, just like the gods.

With her short legs, Little Feng Wu found it difficult to look up at his face, and only felt that this young man was noble and dignified, boundlessly powerful, as if the entire world was within his control.

Mu Jiu Zhou lowered his head and looked at little Feng Wu, speaking absent-mindedly. "Little girl, my name is Mu Jiu Zhou, Jiu Zhou as in 'Nine States', the same as Nine States Continent."

Little Feng Wu. "Wow, you have the same name as our continent! How domineering!"

Mu Jiu Zhou crouched down, his hands supporting the little short girl's lotus root like arm, as his dazzling bright star-like eyes gazed at her levelly. "Nine States Continent's name, was named after your master, understand?"

At the time, little Feng Wu didn't understand, however, she understood later.

Her beautiful master once was this continent's supreme ruler. However, he fell and became a soul inside her Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

Feng Wu had previously asked how this happened, but master mysteriously told her to wait and she'll know after she grew up.

Feng Wu knew that there certainly was a heart-rending story involving a thousand wounds behind this. However, her strength needed to be acknowledged by her master before she could learn of this secret past.

Suddenly, Feng Wu laughed bitterly, how did her thoughts wander so far away? The top priority now was to descend this mountain, refine the Nine Reversals Spirit Pill, then wake her master, then afterwards……

"Master……" Towards that noble and pure, spiritless, solitary figure on the cold icy white jade bed, Feng Wu kowtowed, kowtowed again, and consecutively kowtowed a third time, banging her head on the ground before she reluctantly got up, turning her head around with each step she took, she left the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

After she left the ring, Feng Wu then sped along rapidly down the mountain!

She understood extremely well that Jun Lin Yuan and Yu Ming Ye's people would surely look for her, and would spare no effort, regardless of everything, to hunt her down!

If she was any other person, it'd certainly be difficult to run away from their net, however, since Feng Wu could snatch the fruit juice from their hands, she naturally wouldn't be captured by them so easily.

During these five years, Feng Wu had already thoroughly familiarized herself with the Icebound Forest region, as a result, she noiselessly searched for a small meandering trail, and quietly exited Icebound Forest……

Feng Wu finally returned to Northern Territories' city walls!

Seeing the lofty, grand city wall, seeing the three words on the city gate tower: Northern Territory City, Feng Wu excitedly clenched her fists.

She'd returned!

She'd finally returned safe and sound!

After she entered the city, Feng Wu actually didn't immediately return home, she nimbly changed her clothes and restored her looks to that of the Feng family's fifth daughter.

"Eh? Miss Fifth Feng——" Just when Feng Wu walked out from the alley corner, someone waved their hand to greet Feng Wu.
It was Younger Uncle's wife (father's younger brother's wife) carrying a basket in her hand.

"Aunt Wang, are you returning home after buying groceries?" Feng Wu smiled as she greeted Aunt Wang.

Feng Wu lived five years in this northern border city. During these five years, she actually hadn't——

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