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Chapter 64: The Genius In The Neighbor's Eyes

Feng Wu lived five years in Northern Territories City.

During these five years, she actually wasn't depressed nor did she give up on herself, unlike what people from the imperial capital would believe. On the contrary, Feng Wu was active, optimistic, and enthusiastically mingled with everyone. Almost all of the local people recognized her.

After Feng Wu restored her appearance and walked from the alley corner, there were people greeting her along the entire street.

"Miss Feng Wu, come here quick, come here quick." On the street, a sixty years old lady selling vegetables waved at Feng Wu.

"Grandma Zhang, did you call me?" Feng Wu smiled happily and approached her. "The weather hasn't been good lately, is your old arthritic knee bothering you again? If it bothers you again in the future, come to my home and look for me. I'll carefully provide you with some medicated cream that'll improve your health."

Grandma Zhang was all smiles as she looked at Feng Wu, then turned her head to a middle aged man by her side as she praised. "Our Miss Feng isn't merely beautiful, even more so, she is kindhearted. Last time, my arthritic legs flared up and I became bedridden. I thought won't be able to get out of bed again in this lifetime, but once Miss Feng rubbed medicine on them, they're fine!"

"Isn't that so true?" The middle aged man responded. "Last time, my little one tumbled and fell, he kept throwing up, kept throwing up, and even had the seizures. None of the doctors in the city could do anything about it, advising me to make funeral arrangements. At the time, I was almost angered to death! A neighbor told me to find Miss Feng, to go find our Fifth Young Miss."

Standing by the side, Feng Wu chuckled, wanting to leave. However, her hand was held back by Grandma Zhang and actually couldn't pull away.

She wanted to leave and return home to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill——-

The middle aged man passionately continued. "However, I carried my little one to the Feng residence. As the Fifth Young Miss exercised her skills, several of those silver acupuncture needles 'woosh woosh' were inserted. Unexpectedly, the little one was brought back to life! That medical mastery is simply godlike!"

The middle aged man spoke like this while Feng Wu forced a smile and hurriedly waved her hand. "Uncle Zhao, please please don't say that, I merely put in a small effort that's all, you don't need to be like that."

Uncle Zhao replied. "But, from my perspective, this isn't a small favor, nor a small kindness. You've saved my whole family! Fifth Young Miss, this elk leg is still fresh, why don't you take it home to eat."

Feng Wu quickly declined. "Uncle Zhao, that's not necessary——"

"How can it be not necessary? Miss Feng dislike it for not having a container, right? This large wicker basket is clean, I'll put the elk leg in there. You just need to carry it back home and cook it for the Seventh Young Master to eat."

"Fifth Young Miss, this is the Golden Eyed Beast's breast meat. It most suitable for making meat jerky and giving it to the Seventh Young Master as snacks."

"Fifth Young Miss, this is green orchid vegetable. Leafy green vegetables are still fresh this season, quickly take some home and allow the Seventh Young Master to taste them fresh."

Feng Wu facepalmed. Had Young Seventh Feng's fame as a chowhound spread so far and wide already?

She actually wanted to decline them, but these people in town were too passionate. Under Grandma Zhang and Uncle Zhao's lead, they continuously stuffed Feng Wu's wicker basket full of food. In but a short period of time, they already stuffed the large wicker basket completely full.

Feng Wu. "……"

"Alright, I've taken note of everyone's kind intentions. Everyone please don't continue circling around here. Please return to your places——" Feng Wu waved her hand.

Just at this time——

"Wait a minute, wait a minute——" A young lady in the prime of youth holding a blue and white porcelain bowl in her hand trotted over.

"Lin Ling?" Feng Wu turned towards the young girl who's the same age as her. "Did something happen at the wonton shop?"

Lin Ling's features weren't pretty at all, however, when she smiled, the sun shined brilliantly. With her enthusiastic and unrestrained personality she could easily make the surroundings bright.

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