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Chapter 62: Mu Jiu Zhou

In her mind appeared Jun Lin Yuan, Feng Xun, Yu Ming Ye, and the rest of their faces, especially Feng Xun's. Out of everyone, Feng Wu only felt guilty towards him.

"Brother Feng Xun, I'm sorry." Feng Wu grasped the spirit juice tightly, silently apologizing in her heart. "I want to restore my cultivation, and want to see my beautiful master wake even more. That's why, this Immortal Spirit Fruit's spirit juice, I have to have it!"

Feng Wu rubbed the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring on the forefinger of her right hand, her soul automatically entered inside.

Inside the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring, Feng Wu only partitioned a very small corner for storing her own things, most of the rest of the space was empty.

In the center was a very spacious ice-cold white jade bed.

On the white jade bed lay a snowy white clothed statuesque, fair and tall, cold and solitary, out of this world, godlike silhouette.

Feng Wu came before the bed in a few steps, both knees kneeled on the ground, her back straight and erect, gazing unblinkingly at that exceptional appearance almost within reach.

"Master……" Feng Wu gazed at the beautiful master's tightly closed eyes.

His flesh was brighter than snow, smooth and soft, graceful and noble, pure and holy like an immortal from heaven.

Outside, no matter how arduous, no matter how dangerous it was, her tears hadn't ever fallen, however, the moment she saw her beautiful master, Feng Wu's eyes became red and shed grievous tears.

"Master, wait for me." Feng Wu allowed her teardrops to fall as she clenched her fists tightly. "After I've descended this mountain, I'll surely be able to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, wait for me to cultivate again, wait for me to activate my True Phoenix Blood. You'll then be able to wake, right?"

In reality, Feng Wu's main reason for stealing the Immortal Spirit Fruit wasn't to enable her own cultivation, but rather, only by regaining her cultivation could there be a possibility for her to bring back her master.

That's why, not to mention offending Jun Lin Yuan, or feeling sorry towards Feng Xun, even if she offended everyone in the whole world, she'd still have to obtain this Immortal Spirit Fruit!

Feng Wu believed that in this life of hers until death, she wouldn't be able to forget that uniquely captivating and stunning scene when her beautiful master appeared!

When she was three years old, their destinies crossed by chance when she triggered the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

White magnolia petals floating profusely, just like purified, holy floating snow.

Beautiful master tread gently on the breeze, stepping slowly out of the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

White clothes whiter than snow, sleeves fluttering naturally.

Long body graceful as jade, out of this word solitary coldness.

Azure sky, tall green trees, petals fluttering profusely like floating snowflakes, birds spiraling joyfully in the sky.

Certainly, once he appeared, heaven and earth's, sun and moon's brilliance converged on him, everything else lost its luster, withered, dried out. Only he was the center of the entire world.

He crouched down, snow white wide sleeves on the snow white robe folded layer upon layer on the ground as that pair of deep and profound, self-controlled breathtaking eyes gazed at the little girl before him.

A three year old with short hair gathered into two small ponytails by each ear, with delicate and exquisite facial features yet to mature. Her tender snow white skin, with two white pouting, pudgy round cheeks, like steamed buns that would deflate if jabbed.

Mu Jiu Zhou was accustomed to being high and cold, pure and noble, yet at this moment, he couldn't help but extend a slender, distinctly jointed forefinger and poke at the little stuffed-bun-like face.

Who would've thought that the chubby little girl would utter an 'ow' as the soft and squishy round little body, as if in slow motion, fell on her butt.

Unlike other children who might've wailed, the little girl's mochi like little fleshy hand rubbed her buttocks as that pair of limpid, pure pretty big eyes turned unblinkingly towards him, emitting magical rays of light!

So adorable. The elevated and cold Mu Jiu Zhou laughed gently.

This one laugh of his, seemed as if made the entire world brighter.

Little Feng Wu was blown away by his expression and regained her senses only with much difficulty. Looking back at his smile that was more dazzling than the sunlight, she blanked out
once again——

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