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Chapter 61: Therefore The Young Master's Conclusion Is?

Yu Ming Ye grabbed the head elder's hand, eyes opened wide and round. "We've all been tricked by Little Fifth, even Feng Xun was angered like that. I was also angered to the point of crying 'wah wah', but Jun Lin Yuan, he surprisingly didn't get angry! Was this not odd? !"

The head elder silently glanced at his young master, teasing him in his mind [So it turns out the Young Master also knew that he was angered to the point of crying 'wah wah'?]

"Head Elder! Answer me!" Noticing that he head elder's mind wandered, Yu Ming Ye was very angry.

Head elder. "Eh."

Yu Ming Ye was pleased and continued to rub his chin, speaking as he walked. "Let us hypothesize why Jun Lin Yuan isn't angry. Firstly, this person may be furious, but won't show it, to the extent of Gods and Buddhas. Be it any person or matter, they won't stir any waves within him. However, this isn't right."

The head elder, eighth elder, and ninth eder simultaneously turned towards their young master, looking at each other in dismay again. Their young master surprisingly wanted to use his brain?

Yu Ming Ye inspected the area before him, eyes half narrowed, as he very seriously shook his head. "Not right, not right, if Jun Lin Yuan truly was completely calm without a ripple like Gods and Buddhas, without desires and without demands, then why did he rush over to such distant parts from the capital, to these Northern Territories to fight over an Immortal Spirit Fruit? It could clearly be seen that the Immortal Spirit Fruit was extraordinarily important to him!"

As Yu Ming Ye was speaking, he shot a glance at the elders.

The head elder uttered several 'mm mm mm' as he nodded wildly.

Yu Ming Ye was very pleased and continued to rub his chin as he analyzed. "In addition, the method that the ugly girl used to seize the Immortal Spirit Fruit's juice was so shameless, she went so far as to forcibly take away Jun Lin Yuan's kiss! On the basis of Jun Lin Yuan's obsession with cleanliness, don't tell me that he shouldn't have slapped that ugly girl into minced meat. Yet he didn't at all! Moreover, who's Jun Lin Yuan? He's actually the Crown Prince Jun who's never been defeated before! He unexpectedly isn't angry? Tell me, isn't that quite strange?"

"Therefore, Young Master, your conclusion is?" The three elders simultaneously turned towards Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye raised his chin and coldly harrumphed once. "Therefore, my conclusion is, Jun Lin Yuan likes that ugly girl!"

The head elder was so disgusted he shivered. "Young Master, you shouldn't joke around, what kind of a person is Crown Prince Jun? He's the gifted, outstanding beyond compare, heaven defying genius whose power overflows the heavens, Crown Prince Jun. Can he fall for that……ugly girl? Is he blind?"

Yu Ming Ye furiously glared at the head elder, clenched his fists tightly, and wanted to retort, but. "……" He couldn't find a single word to say.

"Look for her. Look for her!" Yu MIng Ye impatiently waved his hand.

"But Young Master, Icebound Forest is so big, where should we go to find her?"

"Follow Jun Lin Yuan!" Yu Ming Ye said without cheer. "Doesn't he have a very smart brain? Follow him and we'll inevitably find that ugly girl!"

And at this moment——

After Feng Wu kicked Yu Ming Ye flying, she speedily dived into the river floor, followed the undercurrent at the river floor and charged towards its lower reaches straight through.

Feng Wu understood very clearly that Jun Lin Yuan and Yu Ming Ye will undoubtedly go all-out to chase and kill her. Therefore, she didn't dare to stop. Hugging a floating block of wood, she drifted down……

When she reached the mouth of a three way fork, Feng Wu quickly climbed ashore.

"Immortal Spirit Fruit, at last, Immortal Spirit Fruit." Feng Wu looked at the transparent juice within the white jade bottle as the corners of her mouth rose faintly. The corners of her eyes and tip of her brows both carried a smiling expression. "There's no way to refine pills on the mountain. Once I reach the base of the mountain, I'll immediately refine the Nine Spirit Reversal Pill. At that time, I'll be able to cultivate again!"

Feng Wu's dream for so many years could be accomplished at last!

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