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Chapter 606: 606
Chapter 606 Each to Their Own Home

Chaoge was so mad!

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She couldn’t retort because Duan Chaoyin was telling the truth!

She couldn’t answer a single question!

“Hahaha! Duan Chaoge, how dare an idiot like you take the exam?” Duan Chaoyin went on writing down her answers as she spoke .

Compared to Chaoge, Duan Chaoyin had been preparing for this exam for years . Looking from a distance, at least all the blanks on her answer sheets had been filled in .

Chaoge was so mad!

But she couldn’t talk back!

She jumped to her feet!

Duan Chaoyin smirked . “You don’t know the answers and it’s my fault? If I were you, I’d leave this room at this moment . ”

Mr Lu looked at Duan Chaoyin, wondering which family this mean girl was from .

Looking down, Mr Lu darted a look at her exam paper .

Duan Chaoyin? Judging by the name, she was Chaoge’s sister .

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Mr Lu frowned . “Silence!”

Everyone quieted down right away and went back to writing .

“You, sit down and finish your paper!” Mr Lu stared at Chaoge .

Chaoge sat down, still disgruntled .


She knew all the words on the paper, but put them together and she didn’t know what they were asking .

Behind her, Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin exchanged looks and gloated .

The sun would have to rise from the west before Duan Chaoge could write down anything!

However, at that moment!

Chaoge shuddered all of a sudden!

She then picked up her pen and started writing!

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Many were still laughing at Chaoge’s predicament . Read more chapter on vipnovel . com

But they saw that she had begun to answer the questions!

She wrote down the answers without even reading the questions!

Everyone was shocked!

Mr Lu, who had given up on Chaoge, turned his gaze back to her .

He stood there and watched Chaoge write .

Whoosh —

Chaoge wrote with a steady hand and all her answers were correct!


Mr Lu was astonished!

Was that even possible?

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Section one .

Section two .

Section three .

Mr Lu watched as Chaoge filled in all the blanks .

He suddenly said, “You’re writing down your answers without looking at the questions…”

Chaoge’s stomach lurched and her back stiffened!

Luckily, she reacted quickly and said, “I’ve memorized all the questions . I don’t need to read them again . ”

Mr Lu: “…”

Ding —

The bell signaling the end rang the moment Chaoge put down her pen .

Satisfied, Chaoge smacked her paper on the desk . “Done!”

She stretched her arms and had never felt this at ease .

Duan Chaoyin smirked . “You? Done? I bet you made everything up . ”

The others laughed with her .

Mr Lu could have left much earlier, but he stayed until the end to watch Chaoge answer her paper . Right now, he gave Duan Chaoyin a meaningful look before strolling off .

Duan Chaoyin was bewildered .

Had she said something wrong?

Everyone went back home after the exam .

Chaoge returned to the Feng manor with Feng Wu .

Seeing Feng Wu and Feng Liu come back together, Feng Yanfeng was confused . He asked Feng Liu, “Did Xiao Wu go see you off at the exam venue?”

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