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Published at 28th of April 2020 02:20:13 PM
Chapter 607

607 Run Like the Wind 

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Feng Yiran and Feng Sang were both at home today, and both turned to look at Feng Wu in unison .

Feng Liu and Lady Wang smirked . “See me off? Since when is she so nice?”

“Alright . ” Feng Yanfeng lost interest right away .

He was the minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel now, replacing Sir Yan . He had never been in such high and vigorous spirits, and it felt like he was walking on clouds all the time .

Speaking of which, Feng Yanfeng had to thank Feng Wu for it, which was why he didn’t dare fall out with her .

Lady Wang, on the other hand, wouldn’t leave Feng Wu alone . She dropped the bomb straight away . “Feng Wu almost ruined the reputation of the entire clan today!”

Feng Yanfeng could live with anything, but not when the reputation of the Feng clan was at stake!

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“What happened?” Crossing his hands behind his back, Feng Yanfeng frowned, darted a look at Feng Wu, then turned to Lady Wang .

Lady Wang smirked . “What happened? Heh! She went to Imperial College today as well!”

Feng Yanfeng frowned . “So what if she did? Why can’t she?”

“Heh, then ask your dear niece what she was doing there . ” Lady Wang looked furious .

Feng Yanfeng frowned and thought to himself, “Was Xiao Wu there to find herself a potential husband?”

Ahem… as shameful as that sounded, it was understandable . It would do the Feng clan good if she married into a good family .

However, Lady Wang answered the question herself . “She was there to take the exam!”

“What?” Feng Yanfeng thought he heard wrong and looked at Lady Wang in confusion .

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Lady Wang snorted . “Yes, you heard me . Your dear niece was there as an exam candidate!”

“Hahahaha —” Feng Yanfeng burst out laughing right away .

“My lady, you’re very funny . Xiao Wu has no spiritual essence whatsoever and she’s nowhere near a Level 9 Spiritual Master, which is the entry requirement for Imperial College . How could she take the exam?” Feng Yanfeng thought his wife was nuts .

Lady Wang smirked . “How am I supposed to know what your niece is capable of? She actually got an exam permit . ”

Feng Yanfeng’s eyes flickered . “Are you being serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking? I wish I was . But in fact, I’m telling the truth . Your niece is really a piece of work!” Lady Wang said as she walked in .

And her tone was most unpleasant .

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Feng Yanfeng frowned, then turned to Feng Wu . “How did you get your exam permit?”

Crossing her hands behind her, Feng Wu straightened her back and said proudly, “I got you that ministerial position, didn’t I? After that, do you think a mere exam permit would be a problem for me?”

Feng Yanfeng stiffened .

“By the way, Uncle, when am I going to receive my 10,000 taels of silver?” Feng Wu glanced at Feng Yanfeng with a half-smile on her face .

Feng Yanfeng said, “Well… Kiddo, that’s so sudden . Well, I have some errands to run . See you around…”

He slunk off after that .

Feng Wu smiled a little .

She wasn’t worried about Feng Yanfeng defaulting on the debt at all . In fact, she would be concerned if he did pay her back .

Feng Wu and Chaoge then went back to Fallen Star Yard .

“Sister, Sister, how did it go?” Feng Xiaoqi ran toward them like the wind .

Feng Wu smiled . “I did great, of course . ”

“Yeah! I knew it! My sister is the best! Sister, they’re placing bets out there and I put all my money on you!”

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