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Chapter 605
Chapter 605 Stay Away From Me…

Hence, Feng Wu kept falling back…

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Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, stared at his prey, and pressed close!

“S- Stay away from me…” Feng Wu had reached the desk with her palms on the edge, but Jun Linyuan kept moving closer .

In order to stay out of his reach, Feng Wu bent backward .

But Jun Linyuan was still coming her way .

In the end, Feng Wu was almost lying on her back on the desk .

As soon as her fingers made contact with the folder, Feng Wu stuffed it into her ring .

“Ahhh —”

Feng Wu cried out all of a sudden .

Jun Linyuan looked at Feng Wu in confusion .

Feng Wu shoved Jun Linyuan away and rushed toward the door, but Jun Linyuan caught her by her wrist!

“I need to go pee! Let go!”

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With another push, Feng Wu broke free . She rushed into the toilet in the office as swiftly as a rabbit and slammed the door behind her .

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

Meanwhile, in Feng Wu’s exam hall .

Feng Wu’s paper had been taken in already . Mr Lu was going to leave, but he stopped after glancing at Feng Wu’s answers .

Picking up the answer sheets, he read the first word to the last and his eyes lit up .

That girl was amazing…

She was a genius!

And she was going to become a student of Imperial College!

Mr Lu was elated at that thought .

If Feng Wu was this good, what about her friend? Back then, little Chaoge was a smart girl herself .

With that expectation, Mr Lu walked toward Chaoge’s desk .

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He could barely control the smile on his face .

However, as soon as he saw Chaoge’s paper —

One look and he almost had a heart attack!

Mr Lu was petrified!

It was completely blank!

Well, she had answered the first question, but she had crossed out the answer beyond recognition . After that…

There was nothing —

The pages were all left blank!

Patting his chest, he took a deep breath!

At that moment, Qiao Yi saw that the principal looked like he was about to faint and she hurried near . Following Mr Lu’s eyes —

One look and Qiao Yi’s eyes popped out!

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Not one question was answered!

“Duan Chaoge! You!” Qiao Yi looked at Duan Chaoge as if the latter had lost her mind . “Answer the questions!”

Duan Chaoge felt like crying…

She wanted to, but she knew next to nothing! What was she supposed to write? She didn’t understand a single question here!

“You only have less than half the time left . Don’t tell me you’re going to hand in blank answer sheets!” Qiao Yi stared at Chaoge .

“Are you trying to protest against the school or something?!” Qiao Yi was furious!

“Teehee —” Duan Chaoyin snickered . “Miss, Duan Chaoge is always like this . It’s not that she’s trying to make a point, she’s just ignorant . ”


Qiao Yi stared at Duan Chaoge in disbelief . It couldn’t be!

Mr Lu was equally surprised .

Xiao Wu was such a brilliant girl that he couldn’t believe Chaoge would hand in blank sheets . No way .

“Mr Lu, it’s true . Duan Chaoge is an idiot . She always gets zero marks in her exams; having her here is a joke . ” Duan Chaoyin guffawed .

Duan Chaoge —

She pounded her fist on the desk and glared at Duan Chaoyin with bloodshot eyes .

“What? Am I not telling the truth?” asked Duan Chaoyin .

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