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Chapter 604: 604
Chapter 604 Picking On Her Is His Greatest Hobby

She was just a pretty face; it was so shameless of her to seduce His Royal Highness like that!

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They were too busy feeling jealous of Feng Wu to notice that she had been taken away against her will .

Jun Linyuan dragged Feng Wu out .

Once they were out of the exam hall, Feng Wu threw Jun Linyuan’s hand off and yelled at him, “Jun Linyuan! What have I done to deserve your torture?!”

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu with a livid face .

Feng Wu turned to leave .

He couldn’t remove her from an exam just because he wanted to!

Feng Wu walked in the front and Jun Linyuan followed her in silence .

Because everyone was taking the exam, the usually boisterous college was as quiet as the middle of the night .

When they walked past the next building, Feng Wu looked over her shoulder to find Jun Linyuan still following her . She flared up again .

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She was so mad at Jun Linyuan just then that she almost forgot about Chaoge, who was still taking the exam .

Feng Wu spotted another exam hall on the way and she was struck by an idea!

She could get someone else’s exam paper!

And she would be able to send the answers to Chaoge . Problem solved!

However, Jun Linyuan was following her everywhere, leaving her with no chance to carry out her plan .

Therefore, Feng Wu deliberately tried to set Jun Linyuan off, so that he would storm off at some point .

“You’re the crown prince of the empire, for God’s sake! Why are you following me around? It’s bad for your reputation, you know?” Feng Wu tried to provoke Jun Linyuan .

“So, is this your plan to drive me away?” Jun Linyuan pressed close, and Feng Wu stepped back .

There was a door behind Feng Wu and she was cornered!

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Resting his right palm on the door, Jun Linyuan confined Feng Wu in the space between his arm and the wall .

He leaned over…

And Feng Wu turned her face away .

His warm lips brushed against her cheek, leaving behind a burning sensation .

Despite the anger she exhibited, Feng Wu was actually moving her hands swiftly behind her back to unlock the door .

That was right!

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were right outside Mr Lu’s office .

Since she couldn’t drive Jun Linyuan away, Feng Wu’s only choice was to lead him to the principal’s office, in the hope that Mr Lu would have the sample exam paper stored here .

When Jun Linyuan leaned over again —

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Thump —

Feng Wu finally unlocked the door . She spun around and deftly jumped away from Jun Linyuan .

Hmph, Jun Linyuan, you won’t get what you want this time!

To Feng Wu’s disappointment, Jun Linyuan reacted so quickly that as soon as Feng Wu jumped away, he moved after her .

Feng Wu looked up to find Jun Linyuan right in front of her .

“Ah —” Feng Wu cried out and stumbled back .

Jun Linyuan smirked and fixed his brooding gaze on Feng Wu . “Little Feng Wu, that’s very bold of you!”

“No… it’s not…” Feng Wu kept stepping back .

But she knew where she was going .

She had glanced at the table the moment she rushed into the office!

That was where the file should be!

As expected, Feng Wu spotted a thick manila folder on the desk!

Feng Wu’s first reaction was that it was the exam paper!

But Jun Linyuan would doubtlessly see through her plan if she headed for it right away . She knew Jun Linyuan too well .

His greatest hobby was picking on her .

And he had set her up a hundred times .

Hence, it was pivotal that she kept her plan from him!

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