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Published at 26th of April 2020 02:20:12 PM
Chapter 603
Chapter 603 Jun Linyuan, You —

All Chaoge needed to do was move her exam paper a little so that Feng Wu could read the questions! Feng Wu was very confident in her good memory!

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But Chaoge didn’t get the hint . What?

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

“Ahem —” Seeing the girl trying her tricks under his nose, Jun Linyuan was very amused .

And she even shielded her face with her right hand, as if that could stop him from seeing what she was trying to do!

Finally, Chaoge understood what Feng Wu wanted!

She slowly raised her exam paper a little .

Feng Wu memorized everything with a single glance .

Before Feng Wu could proceed to the next section, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and went up to her desk . He just happened to completely block Chaoge from Feng Wu’s view .

Feng Wu: !!!

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Standing next to Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan picked up her paper and began to slowly flip through her answer sheets without leaving his spot .

Feng Wu: !!!

She could tell that Jun Linyuan was doing it on purpose!

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan and bit her lower lip . She looked like a puffed up balloonfish .

She still had a little baby fat left on her cheeks and her fair skin reminded him of steamed buns . They looked so adorable that Jun Linyuan wanted to give them a squeeze .

But that was only in Jun Linyuan’s head . The look on his face was as stern as ever .

He went on reading Feng Wu’s answers and the more he read, the brighter his eyes became .

She was indeed his girl . Her answers were impeccable .

“Are you done?!”

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Seeing that Jun Linyuan still wouldn’t move, Feng Wu was worried sick!

It had been two hours since the exam started and Chaoge couldn’t write very fast . If she didn’t give Chaoge the answers now, she wouldn’t be able to finish in time .

But —

At Feng Wu’s words, all the candidates in the hall, boys and girls included, looked at her in resignation .

She was talking to the crown prince of the empire!

How could she sound so impatient?!

Anyone else would wish that His Royal Highness could stand by their side forever! But Feng Wu…

“What a poser!”

Overwhelmed with jealousy, Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes, wishing that she could tear the latter into pieces .

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Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on Feng Wu and his mouth curved into an enigmatic smile . His eyes sparkled in the sunlight .

The next second!

Jun Linyuan grabbed Feng Wu’s hand and yanked!

“Ah —” Feng Wu cried out .

However, before she could react, Jun Linyuan had dragged her away in large strides .

From behind, he looked powerful, resolute, and puffed up with arrogance!

That odd behavior astonished the other candidates again .

“Xiao Wu —” Seeing that Feng Wu was being dragged away, Chaoge rushed out to help her at once!

However, Mr Lu stopped her in time . “Don’t . Your score will be canceled if you step out of this hall now . ”

But Chaoge ignored him and still ran toward Feng Wu —

Feng Wu was stumbling after Jun Linyuan, but she still managed to call out over her shoulder, “Go back to your seat and finish your exam . ”

Chaoge always listened to Feng Wu .

Even Mr Lu couldn’t stop Chaoge, but she went back to her seat obediently at Feng Wu’s instruction…

Seeing that the crown prince had gone off with Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao almost bit the tip of her pen off!

Feng Wu!!!

Many of the girls cursed under their breaths .

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