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Published at 26th of April 2020 08:25:06 AM
Chapter 602: 602
Chapter 602 Paper A And Paper B?

Qiao Yi took a deep breath . “Mu Yaoyao, first of all, there are two sets of the exam paper today, that is, Paper A and Paper B . Candidates in adjacent columns are given different sets, so even if Feng Wu tried to copy your answer, she wouldn’t be able to use it . Moreover…

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“She has finished answering all her questions and you’re only on section two at the moment . ” Qiao Yi hated to take Feng Wu’s side, but she had no choice when all the facts were laid out in front of her .

Mu Yaoyao cried out in surprise, “Paper A and Paper B? What’s that about? That’s never happened before!”

Feng Wu wanted to ask the same question!

She felt utterly defeated by the news!

She had planned everything out and was ready for all kinds of complications . She was sure that she could use Feng Tutu to send all the correct answers to Chaoge .

Once she had finished answering her paper, all that was left to do was deliver the answers to Chaoge .

But now they were telling her that she and Chaoge had different exam papers?

Qiao Yi wasn’t able to answer Mu Yaoyao’s question now, but luckily, Mr Lu was here . He chuckled . “Well, that’s indeed a newly introduced measure this year, to prevent cheating, of course . Both sets are of the same difficulty and everyone is still tested at the same level . Speaking of which, the suggestion actually came from His Royal Highness a few days ago, and we just happened to have a backup set of the exam paper ready . ”

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Jun Linyuan!

No wonder even Grand Secretary Fang didn’t know about this . This new method came from Jun Linyuan himself only a few days ago!

Feng Wu felt like she had been played and she was furious!

Looking up, she stared at Jun Linyuan with a murderous look in her eyes .

Well —

The look on Feng Wu’s face reminded Jun Linyuan of an infuriated cub of some beast . She didn’t have any power, but she was aggressive and ready to explode . He loved to see this unyielding side of her .

Looking back at her with a taunting expression on his face, Jun Linyuan grinned, feeling very pleased with himself .

Kiddo, you’re too young to play this game .

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Feng Wu gritted her teeth!

That was why the crown prince of the empire had come to monitor an exam himself, and of all the halls out there, he had to pick hers and sit right opposite her . And that was why he had that smug look on his face…Read more chapter at vipnovel

Feng Wu closed her eyes and took a deep breath —

Calm down, calm down, calm down… Things were already going south and she had to find a way to turn things around .

After a few deep breaths, Feng Wu gradually came back to her senses .

But it didn’t change the fact that she was still mad!

What should she do now?

It was by sheer luck that Qiao Yi revealed the truth because of Mu Yaoyao’s farce, otherwise —

Feng Wu’s legs felt weak whenever she imagined what would happen if Chaoge had filled her answer sheet with answers for Paper A .

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That would really ruin Chaoge .

For their enemies would grab the chance and use it against them .

Chaoge was flabbergasted .

Paper A? Paper B?

She had Paper B, which meant that Xiao Wu had Paper A .

Xiao Wu didn’t even know what the questions for Paper B were . How would she be able to send Chaoge the correct answers?

Chaoge scratched her head… It seemed that she had no choice but to admit her failure .

But Feng Wu wasn’t ready to give up .

There had to be a way!


Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

She didn’t have Paper B, but Chaoge did!

Feng Wu darted a glance at Chaoge .

Huh? Chaoge was confused .

Feng Wu looked at Chaoge and her unanswered exam paper in turn!

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