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Published at 26th of April 2020 08:25:11 AM
Chapter 601
Chapter 601 She“s Cheating!

Jun Linyuan, stay out of my way! Leave me alone!

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She was warning him? Tsk —

The crown prince was displeased .

He would have cut her some slack if she had pleaded nicely, but since she was still so proud —

“Little Feng Wu —” Jun Linyuan cast a stern look at her . “Answer your own paper and don’t think about cheating!”

Answer your own paper and don’t think about cheating?!

At those words —

Everyone was shocked!

Feng Wu was practically killing Jun Linyuan with her eyes!

He just couldn’t let a day pass without making trouble for her, could he?

That’s right . Jun Linyuan nodded at Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu almost exploded!

What had she ever done to deserve such a man?

Jun Linyuan went back to his chair, but still kept his sharp gaze on Feng Wu .

Mu Yaoyao threw a dirty look at Feng Wu .

Bitch! That woman had done everything to attract His Royal Highness’s attention . She even pretended to be angry and impatient… How could anyone be that fake?

Mu Yaoyao couldn’t stand it anymore .

His Royal Highness must be here because of me! Mu Yaoyao convinced herself in her head .

Sensing Mu Yaoyao’s gaze, Feng Wu darted an involuntary glance at Mu Yaoyao and looked at the latter’s answer sheet in passing .

Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu!

All of a sudden, she recalled what Jun Linyuan just said .

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It seemed that His Royal Highness really hated Feng Wu . He would have to remember her for her help if she tried to frame Feng Wu for him now!

At that thought, Mu Yaoyao cried out, “Feng Wu! Why do you keep looking at my answer sheet?!”

That startled all the candidates in the hall!


Feng Wu was looking at Princess Mu’s answer sheet?

Feng Wu was speechless .

How could this Mu Yaoyao be so shameless?

However, Mu Yaoyao wasn’t going to stop there! She had made up her mind to help His Royal Highness by ruining Feng Wu’s reputation forever!

Hence, Mu Yaoyao raised a hand . “Your Royal Highness! Feng Wu is cheating! She’s copying my answers!”

Wow —

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A tattler!

Right in the middle of an exam!

Oh god…

Feng Wu was so doomed .

All eyes were on Jun Linyuan and everyone waited for his verdict .

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan was looking at Feng Wu with a tiny smile on his face, which was so inscrutable that no one could guess what was going on in his head .

Mr Lu frowned . That Mu Yaoyao was an idiot . Did she have no idea what Feng Wu meant to Jun Linyuan? How did she have the guts to denigrate Feng Wu in front of His Royal Highness?

Mr Lu, Jun Linyuan, and even Qiao Yi looked at Mu Yaoyao in resignation .

“It’s true! Your Royal Highness, Sir! I saw Feng Wu stealing glances at my paper and she wrote down something after she looked! She was copying me!” Mu Yaoyao said indignantly!

The corner of Mr Lu’s mouth twitched .

Qiao Yi went to Feng Wu’s desk to check her exam paper, then went to look at Mu Yaoyao’s…

Despite Qiao Yi’s willingness to take Mu Yaoyao’s side, all evidence was against this girl…

Seeing the frown on Jun Linyuan’s face and that Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t let it drop, Qiao Yi said in a hurry, “Mu Yaoyao, that’s not possible . ”

“Why not?! Feng Wu copied me! I saw it with my own eyes! I have proof!” Mu Yaoyao was exasperated!

She knew how scheming this Qiao Yi was! This woman had been stealing glances at His Royal Highness all the time! Bitch!

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