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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Title below

The Flaming Cloud Hawk ferociously roared! The world shook because of it!

In a flash, its body violently transformed into berserk mode!

Just when everybody's attention was focused on the passionate and brazen young girls throwing themselves at Jun Lin Yun —— ———

The Flaming Cloud Hawk's fangs was revealed as it instantly headed towards Feng Wu and grabbed her!

Feng Wu's entire being was stunned!

"Holy shit!" Feng Wu nearly spit a mouthful of blood!*

(*TN: 'spitting a mouthful of blood' or 'spit blood' is a common Chinese expression which means that someone is outrageously upset to the point it feels like their chest is going to blow up.)

She was unexpectedly captured by the giant Flaming Cloud Hawk!

She was totally shocked. After she regained her senses, she exerted herself to pound on the Flaming Cloud Hawk. "Put me down! Hurry and put me down! Why are you kidnapping me!"

The Flaming Cloud Hawk smiled coldly. "Since he stepped

on my head, I'm going to snatch his woman!"

How could Feng Wu not understand who this 'he' was? It's precisely because she knew that she gloomily spit blood! (Not literally)

"I'm not his woman!"

"All of you guys are! ! !" The light in the Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes was fierce and unusually stubborn. It resolutely believed that it was right!

Feng Wu deadpanned. "……Fine, even if I am, there were so many girls, why did you have to pick on me!" For what reason was she the most unlucky one?

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk smiled coldly. "Those girls were too crazy, too scary, you seemed easiest to bully!"

A mouthful of blood was even more so, rising to Feng Wu's throat (not literally). "……" God d*mn it!

So just because she wasn't like the other girls who were so stirred up and crazy about Jun Lin Yuan, she then became someone who was easy to bully?

What kind of logic was this!

Jun Lin Yuan was also spooked by those crazy girls' behavior, however, it was only

only for a split second, nothing more.

In the next second, he raised the Heaven Slaying Sword in his hand and dashed after the Flaming Cloud Hawk!

While the Flaming Cloud Hawk grabbed Feng Wu, it also clutched at her throat as it waved her in front of its face and moved to threaten Jun Lin Yuan. "You, don't you come over! If not, I'm going to kill this hostage!"

Feng Wu very much wanted to die!* (*TN: an expression from someone who's overwhelmingly exasperated.)

This heartless and callous Jun Lin Yuan, who treated life and death with contempt, could he be threatened? You must be joking!

"Hey, hey, hey, did you hear me, I told you not to come over and you still came over here? !" The Flaming Cloud

Flaming Cloud Hawk retreated continuously.

A cold smile appeared on the corners of Jun Lin Yuan's mouth. From the start, Feng Wu was never in his sights, as if in his eyes, Feng Wu was a mere feather on the Flaming Cloud Hawk's body!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk noticed that something was amiss as it immediately panicked!

In the next second, it flapped those wings which were like clouds, wailed, and exploded straight outward!

"Don't." Feng Wu's entire body felt ill!

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk unexpectedly wailed and flew away while still holding her between its beak!

Flew, away!

Feng Wu only felt her eyesight going dark with time, the blood in her body rolled over and over, the biting cold strong wind whistling by her ear!

Looking down, the ground at the distance was already moving further and further away……

The people on the surface, without exception, all became tiny figures.

Eventually, she became aware that her body hung from the Flaming Cloud Hawk's beak, and moreover, she was blown to and fro by the wind!

"You you you ————" you you ————" Feng Wu was so angry that she wanted to slap the bird.

It unexpectedly kidnapped her!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk looked down and discovered that its beak were still grabbing this young girl and immediately became very angry.

Why was it still bringing this burden along? By merely loosening its grip, it intended to throw Feng Wu out!

Feng Wu hurriedly grabbed onto its fang. "What are you doing!"

At this height, if she's tossed out, she'd die!

The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk impatiently glared at Feng Wu. "You're not useful at all, you're useless even as a hostage, what good are you?"

Feng Wu sucked in a mouthful of air! And suppressed the anguish in her heart!

"So then, are you blaming me?"

The Flaming Cloud Hawk smiled coldly. "I've never seen such a failure of a hostage before, tell me, what use is it to capture you?"

Feng Wu: "……"

Not, talking, to, you!

Chapter 6: Kidnapped in the Hawk's Mouth

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