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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Young Man Who's the Ruler Over the World

The figure of a young man wearing a black robe was just like a meteor as it streaked through the horizon as an explosion approached from the distance!

The distance looked to be far, but in merely a blink, it arrived before everyone's eyes.

The young man's complexion was chilly and austere, his eyes were hidden in depth and apathetic, black robe fluttering in the wind, just like a god who descended upon the world!

In his hand, a fathomless sword light chopped down, a profound arc streaked through the sky!

That incomparable majestic sword light, like an erupting volcano, exploded into an incomparably frightful power of heaven and earth!

The people standing below, without exception, were shocked by this rocketing sword intent.

A terrifying pressuring force shook their entire stiffening bodies. They held their breaths with rapt attention, not daring to breathe!

That black robed young man's silhouette rushed as fast as

thunder and ran into the Flaming Cloud Hawk's body!

A rocketing blaze burst forth!

Intense rumbles sounded, resonating unceasingly, the whole sky was vibrating!

With a loud bang, the huge Flaming Cloud Falcon's body fell sharply from the air, ramming into Cloud Eatery upstairs!

With a loud bang, the century old Cloud Eatery was directly crushed by the Flaming Cloud Hawk!

Dust rose upwards, flames blazed into the sky.

All of the people in the surrounding area were stunned: "………"

Wasn't a Flaming Cloud Hawk very ferocious?

Didn't they say that no one could restrain its tyranny?

Didn't they say that when the head of the Qiushui family entered Icebound Forest, he was scared witless when chased by it and fled in a panic?

Who was this young man? This brilliant, gorgeous, black robed youngster, who, in, the, world, was he? !

As the smoke and flames totally dispersed, a godlike, exceptionally charming young man flew quickly, one foot stepped on the Flaming Cloud Hawk's head, sword point placed at its throat!

Yet, at this moment, the originally awfully

awfully aggressive Flaming Cloud Hawk was already approaching death's door……everyone then clearly saw the young man's appearance.

The young man's full length black robe fluttered in the wind, his figure was spirited, handsome, tall and lanky, calm and noble.

An outline like a knife blade's deeply hidden edge, dark eyes sharp and cold, radiating a dangerous aura.

His aura was extremely powerful, so fierce that it couldn't be approached by any living person, making people not dare to look at it directly.

Instead, the people who were present, simultaneously sucked in a mouthful of cold air!

"Oh my god!"

"Good heavens!"

"My dear mother!"

At this moment, these beautiful young ladies all went wild!

Some of them trembled all over, some covered their faces crying tears of joy, some even fainted straightaway!

Yet at this moment, the Flaming Cloud Hawk was hooting angrily. "When fighting, you should avoid the face. When stepping, you should avoid stepping on the head! Don't step on my head!"

Jun Lin Yuan smiled coldly, and stomped his foot again.

The Flaming Cloud Hawk became incensed.

became incensed. "I already said don't step on my head! No matter what, I'm the Giant Hawk clan's leader!"

Jun Lin Yuan smiled coldly and stomped aggressively twice more. The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk almost cried. The hard approach having been ineffective, it now used the soft approach and cried as it begged. "Big brother, please spare me, my skull's already sliced in half by you. If you step on me again, I'm going to die!"

Jun Lin Yuan sneered.

But at this time, the crowd of young girls who saw the overwhelmingly handsome crown prince already became insane!

"Jun Lin Yuan! It's really Jun Lin Yuan! Our crown prince, Jun Lin Yuan!"


"I originally thought I was going to die today, I didn't expect that it's the crown prince who saved me! As one whose life had been saved, I must pay it back unreservedly, I'll certainly devote my life to him!"

Having spoken thus, these passionate, brazen girls, in an instant, frantically threw themselves at Jun Lin Yuan!

This mishap happened too suddenly!

Even Jun Lin

Even Jun Lin Yuan, this type of poker face that's like an iceberg year round, was spooked and jumped.

Oh no!

Feng Wu noticed the Giant Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes. Those eyes as black as lacquer instantly exploded to a scarlet color. This meant its berserk energy was bursting forth!

That crafty Flaming Cloud Hawk. As expected, its show of weakness just now was all an act!

Feng Wu was most afraid of death. She subconsciously stepped back, and turned to run!

However, at this moment—————

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