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Chapter 7

 Chapter 7: Her Heart Was Already Falling Apart

Feng Wu lowered her head and looked down and saw Qiu Ling hopping with anxiety as she continually shouted to her.

Because they flew high in the air, she could see into the distance.

Feng Wu could even see that on the not so distant government road, a cavalry division was galloping at high-speed!

It's just that, when Feng Wu saw that familiar figure on horseback, her eyes opened quite wide!

The one leading them was Feng Yi Ran! The Feng family's oldest son! Following behind him was his younger sister from the same parents, Feng Liu! Behind her were the Feng family's personal guards.

Feng Yi Ran, Feng Liu! These two certainly didn't get along, one was sinister and hypocritical, the other was craftly and willful.

Feng Wu thought about her beautiful mother who could only cry and her simple, young and tender sweet brother……at once, a mouthful of blood stifled the pit of her stomach! (an expression)

She was

snatched away by the Flaming Cloud Hawk. What's her beautiful mother and brother to do? !

How could they deal with the sinister and deceitful Feng Yi Ran, the crafty and willful Feng Liu? !

And at this moment, the people on the ground watched the Flaming Cloud Hawk kidnap that ordinary, common young lady flying further away while all of them were stupefied……

Feng Xun was also stupefied……

He silently spit blood* on behalf of that ordinary looking girl.

(*TN: You got it! More nonliteral language. He's just sympathetic to her anguish. No more notes about 'spit blood' from now on.)

Just how unlucky was that?

Clearly, the first to be alerted was her, the first to turn around and run was also her, yet the Flaming Cloud Hawk especially chose her to bully. One could only say, her luck was really……

If he was that young girl, he probably would've spit blood by now, right?

Feng Xun looked at Qiu Ling, who was so worried she's getting dizzy and patted her thin shoulders. "Sigh, young lass, your mistress appeared to be quite

quite frail and will die for sure, you also shouldn't have excessive expectations that she'd return alive, just accept fate. That's right, if you really have nowhere to go, seeing as we are sharing the same table, how about I buy you a meal?"

"Get lost!" Qiu Ling was so angry she stomp her foot. "My mistress is quite awesome! In this world, there isn't anything that can stump her! Definitely, nothing will happen to her!"

Those spectating young girls were all terrified, one after another, they pat the center of their bellies and rejoiced with lingering fears. Fortunately, the one who was captured wasn't them.

And just at this time, Jun Lin Yuan also changed to another direction as he rushed after the Flaming Cloud Hawk!

"Heavens! Look you guys, it's the crown prince! He's chasing the Flaming Cloud Hawk!"

"I envy that young common girl so much! It'd be so great if I was captured by the Flaming Cloud Hawk! I can then get close to the crown prince!"

"Not only being able to see him clearly up close, but also being saved

being saved by the crown prince, this is the scene of a hero saving the beauty, he just happens to be the one I can give my heart to! !"

"That's right, why didn't the Flaming Cloud Hawk capture me? Really! That ordinary girl, why did she run to the very front! Otherwise, the one to be captured would've been me!"

"That girl must've done it on purpose! She looks ordinary, but is so crafty, she must've done it on purpose!"

Qiu Ling really was so angry that she trembled from head to toe!

These girls……these girls……just for the sake of meeting the crown prince, do they not even want their lives? ! To go this far? !

Feng Xiu stroked his nose a bit, in regards to these girls's way of thinking that ignored their that ignored their own lives, he was already used to it, having frequently been together with Jun Lin Yuan, he's very much used to it……

"Don't be upset, it'll harm your health……" Feng Xun sympathized as he shot a glance at Qiu Ling. "Alrighty, seeing as your mistress is so out of luck, I will personally go to Icebound Forest and look around. If I can fish her out, then I'll fish her out of there."

His voice hadn't dropped when Feng Xun's figure already disappeared.

And at this moment, Feng Wu, who hung from the Flaming Cloud Hawk's fang like a strip of meat fluttering freely out in the sun to dry————-

The inside of her heart was truly was already falling apart——- ———

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