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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:22 PM
Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Things Never Went As Planned

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At that thought, Jin Li almost fainted…

She wasn’t the only one shocked .

Feng Liu, Lady Wang, Mrs Duan, Duan Chaoyue, Duan Chaoyin… and many others were all watching what was happening in disbelief .

That exam permit was legit?

Feng Wu really had an exam permit?!

“No, it can’t be! How can she have one?! She has no spiritual essence at all! She’s just a crip-”

An idea came to Jin Li all of a sudden!

She remembered the exemption rule of Imperial College!

“She got recommendations from three members of the education board?!”

That reminded everyone else .

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That was right . If that exam permit was authentic, that was the only possibility!

“But… but it can’t be! Feng Wu is useless! How could she have persuaded three elders?! I don’t believe it!”

“Oh god, it just occurred to me . That exemption indeed comes with a red exam permit!”

“No way! Is Feng Wu that well-connected?”

“Maybe the bosses still see some hope in her and think that she can get her abilities back with a little push?”

“You know what? So what if Feng Wu has a real exam permit? Does she have spiritual essence?”

“You’re so right —”

Seeing that His Royal Highness was losing his patience, Mr Lu waved at the teachers . “What are you waiting for? Go back to your inspection . ”

“Yes, of course —”

The inspection went on smoothly .

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Soon, Feng Wu and Chaoge entered the exam hall .

Chaoge was displeased and kept grumbling . “How stupid can those people be? Would anyone trying to forge an exam permit make it red?”

Feng Wu chuckled . “What are you mumbling about there?”

Chaoge frowned . “I’m just pissed . Did we get insulted for nothing?”

Feng Wu smiled . “It won’t be for nothing . ”

“Huh?” Chaoge looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment . “Xiao Wu, are you going to beat them up?”

“Let’s start with some face-slapping . ”

“But how?”

“You’ll see . ” Feng Wu found her seat according to the number on her exam permit .

The exam hall was actually an open space .

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A hundred candidates were arranged in a ten-by-ten square .

Feng Wu sat in the first row of the fifth column .

And an invigilator sat right in front of her…

Feng Wu’s stomach sank!

Luckily, as the other exemption, Chaoge sat right next to her .

Chaoge’s seat was on Feng Wu’s right .

That was to say, Chaoge was the first in the sixth column .

Chaoge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the seating arrangement .

To their frustration, sitting in the first row, they were right under the invigilators’ noses .

The bright side was that they weren’t too far apart . At least they were still in the same exam hall .

Just then, Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve . “Xiao Wu… I…”

Feng Wu looked back at Chaoge, knowing perfectly well that Chaoge’s answers would be… hopeless .

Grand Secretary Fang suffered from the threat of a stroke every time he corrected Chaoge’s exam paper . It always took him a long time to calm down, and in the end, he just let Chaoge go out and play on her own .

Just then —

Other candidates began to enter the hall .

Each hall contained 100 candidates, but somehow, almost everyone Feng Wu knew was in this one .

Especially Duan Chaoyin, who sat right behind Feng Wu .

And Duan Chaoyue right behind Chaoge .


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