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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:20 PM
Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Xiao Wu Is More Amazing Than You Can Imagine!

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Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin weren’t the only acquaintances here .

Feng Wu recognized Ye Yafei’s minions as well, for she had met them at World Tower before .

They were Huo Yin, Wen Ling, Liu Hao, and Mu Qing .

Mu Yaoyao was here, too . She sat on Feng Wu’s left, the first seat in the fourth column .

Behind her was Yao Hao and Yao Ying, the siblings Feng Wu had met at Grand Secretary Fang’s place .

What was more —

Ning Chenxi was also here .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Apparently, apart from Yu Mingye, everyone was here .

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Chaoge looked at Feng Wu and wanted to say something, but couldn’t .

Feng Wu had told her before that she would find a way to let Chaoge copy her answers . But with all these people here, they would be closely watched on all sides . What should they do now?

“Heh, Duan Chaoge, there you are . ” Duan Chaoyin gave Duan Chaoge a contemptuous look .

As her sister, Duan Chaoyin knew Duan Chaoge’s abilities too well .

Most of the candidates here had had a normal education since they were little, making their way through the junior and intermediate schools before moving on to the senior one, which was Imperial College here .

However, Feng Wu and Chaoge were the only exceptions, for they had never graduated from the junior school, nor had they attended the intermediate one .

Chaoge would have exploded at Duan Chaoyin’s provocation on any other day, but now, she only buried her head in her hands and rested her elbows on the desk with a long face .

What was she supposed to do with this exam?

Xiao Wu would get admitted to Imperial College and she would be turned down… And the distance between herself and Xiao Wu would only grow further and further…

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Oh god…

In terms of her cultivation level, she was qualified to apply, but she was so lopsided in her theoretical knowledge . Books were like lullabies to her .

Seeing that Chaoge wouldn’t reply, Duan Chaoyin smirked . “Duan Chaoge, I’d leave this instant if I were you . ”

Chaoge still wouldn’t reply .

Duan Chaoyin snorted . “After all, it would be so humiliating to hand in a blank answer sheet . ”

Chaoge sighed inwardly . That was spot on .

Mu Yaoyao looked at Feng Wu and saw the latter sitting there with her eyes closed to adjust her breathing . She tried to provoke Feng Wu . “What a poser!”

Feng Wu ignored her .

Resting her head on her left hand, Mu Yaoyao played with her pen in her right hand and casually said, “Feng Wu, I’m warning you . Keep your eyes on your own paper and don’t try to copy mine . I’ll report you . ”

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Duan Chaoyin followed suit . “Duan Chaoge, I’m warning you . Keep your eyes on your own paper and don’t try to copy mine . I’ll report you . ”

“Hahahaha —”

Everyone cracked up .

They seemed to have forgotten that Feng Wu and Chaoge were here as exemptions .

How could anyone with that exam permit be ignorant?

However, they simply looked past that, as if trying to fool themselves .

Chaoge was furious at the provocation . She smacked the desk and jumped to her feet!

“Mu Yaoyao, you idiot! You know nothing! Xiao Wu got 290 in the test Grand Secretary Fang gave her yesterday!”

Everyone was silent at Duan Chaoge’s bellow .

All eyes were on Duan Chaoge .

Three seconds later —

“Hahahaha —”

Mu Yaoyao was the first to burst out laughing . She laughed so hard that she was in tears!

That seemed to flick a switch and everyone around her began to scream with laughter .

“Hahahaha —”

“Hahahaha —”

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