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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:24 PM
Chapter 593

Chapter 593 How Terrifying!!!

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As if she hadn’t said enough, Jin Li went on telling Feng Wu off . “Sir, this Feng Wu girl is so arrogant . She was very disrespectful toward His Royal Highness!”

Mr Lu didn’t know what to say .

He looked at Feng Wu and His Royal Highness in turn .

The principal of Imperial College was anything but dumb . Mr Lu had long seen through everything!

He began to suspect it when His Royal Highness picked on Feng Wu, but Feng Wu was able to turn things around after a single visit to the crown prince’s residence .

Then, this morning, this national exam had been postponed for Feng Wu!

When he asked what happened and when the exam could begin —

What did Feng tell him?

“Don’t ask . As for when to start, well, it’ll start when Miss Wu gets here . ”

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Miss Wu… as in Miss Feng Wu here, right? Mr Lu had to go to court and report to His Majesty just then .

He was only gone for a minute and little Feng Wu had been put through all this?

Mr Lu stole a glance at Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince, who never let his face betray anything, looked darker than a stormy day at the moment .

The more Jin Li said, the grimmer the look on His Royal Highness’s face…

Mr Lu didn’t need to ask another question .

He cut her off . “You fool!”

Jin Li was cracking up inwardly . “Hahahaha! Mr Lu just called Feng Wu a fool! Feng Wu is so dead!”

However, Jin Li was still gloating when Mr Lu waved his hand . “Take her down!”

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Mr Lu was pointing at Jin Li, instead of Feng Wu or Chaoge .

Jin Li was dumbfounded . “What?! Mr Lu… Mr Lu…”

Imperial College had its own impressive guards!

Two guards showed up at the command and charged at Jin Li .

Jin Li looked shocked . “Why are you after me? Why me? Take Feng Wu down! She’s right there!”

At the same time…

Many looked at Mr Lu in astonishment .

That was right . Shouldn’t they be after Feng Wu? This had to be a mistake .

“Mr Lu! Why me?! Why —” Jin Li struggled violently .

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Mr Lu stole another glance at Jun Linyuan and saw that the latter had cheered up a little… So, the female teacher had really pissed His Royal Highness off .

Mr Lu smirked . “Who told you that her exam permit was fake?”




That statement shocked everyone!

“Did Mr Lu say that her exam permit isn’t fake?”

“Does that mean that Feng Wu’s exam permit is genuine?”

“But hers is red and ours are green . ”

Meanwhile, Jin Li was even more confused!

Feng Wu’s exam permit was a real one?! No! It couldn’t be!

Jin Li stared at Mu Yaoyao in disbelief!

It was Mu Yaoyao who had given her the instruction to humiliate Feng Wu in front of everyone… Oh god, that exam permit was real? That meant, everything she had said and done was…

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