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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:28 PM
Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Is Feng Wu Doomed?

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Seeing this, the crown prince’s face turned livid and a frighteningly cold air began to come off him .

Once he was angry, sand and pebbles were blown into the air, an intimidating energy filled the courtyard, and everyone was overwhelmed by a sense of foreboding!

No one knew who turned their heads first .


“Oh my god!”

“It’s His Royal Highness! The crown prince! He’s here!”

Some of the people here had seen Jun Linyuan’s face before, but for most of them, this was the first time they had ever met the crown prince in person .

Turning around, they saw a stunning teenager with cold, brooding eyes, and the air he gave off only showed how unapproachable he was .

The teenager was anything but attainable . Even his most casual glance was a demonstration of what an invincible ruler he would be one day!

“Your Royal Highness —”

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Everyone began to drop to their knees!

It wasn’t just because he was the honorable crown prince, but because he was unparalleled in his capability!

They wholeheartedly worshiped him for his martial prowess .




As Jun Linyuan walked in, everyone went down on their knees and prostrated on the granite pavement .

Even the lofty teachers of Imperial College bowed to him .

Jin Li, who had been humiliating Feng Wu with all her might, knelt down as well .

Not only was she in charge of the inspection, she was also the form teacher of the first-year students .

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So did Feng Liu .

And Mu Yaoyao .

And everyone else but Feng Wu!

Chaoge was also intimidated by Jun Linyuan’s authoritative air, but Feng Wu was standing there with her chin raised… Chaoge had no choice but to stand next to Feng Wu, though her legs trembled .

Jun Linyuan headed directly for Feng Wu and his cold gaze locked on her!

Although Mu Yaoyao was on her knees, she was over the moon .

Feng Wu, aren’t you in love with His Royal Highness?

Well, this is the most humiliating moment of your life and His Royal Highness is here to witness everything . I bet you want to kill yourself now .

With her head lowered, Mu Yaoyao gloated to herself .

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Many people were frowning at Feng Wu .

She wasn’t kneeling .

Who did she think she was?!

“Little Feng Wu, you’re in trouble again!” Jun Linyuan sounded rather impatient and he was frowning .

Feng Wu was vexed .

She found it rather strange herself . After everything Mu Yaoyao and the others said, she hadn’t felt a thing . However, that single sentence from Jun Linyuan could make her lose her temper .

Feng Wu snorted, turned her head the other way, and ignored Jun Linyuan .

“Oh god —”

Many were stealing glances in her direction, and were speechless to see how arrogant she was!


You’re in the presence of His Royal Highness! As in Jun Linyuan, the crown prince! He’s one of the most respected men of the empire, the most promising teenager, and the best of his generation!

You’re nothing but someone without spiritual essence, a forger, and a morally compromised girl! How dare you ignore His Royal Highness! You’re so dead!

Jun Linyuan snickered . “Why, you’re taking it out on me now?”

Everyone felt chills down their spines at those words .

Oh god…

Feng Wu was really doomed this time…

Many broke into a cold sweat, but they couldn’t help but admire her . She actually had the guts to lose her temper at His Royal Highness… Although she would probably die the next moment, but that was still very brave of her!

However, Feng Wu only turned around, stared at Jun Linyuan with her beautiful eyes, and smirked .

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