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Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Oh God… What“s Happening?

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Lady Wang was seriously considering killing Feng Wu there and then .

“Oh my, isn’t it Mrs Duan? Duan Chaoge is your daughter, right?”

“She’s the daughter of my husband’s concubine…” Mrs Duan could barely keep her smile on .

“That still makes her your daughter . Mrs Duan, you shouldn’t focus on your own daughter and ignore your stepdaughter . Otherwise, you’ll be criticized for favoritism . ”

Mrs Duan was speechless . She made a mental note that she would teach Duan Chaoge a good lesson after they got back — give her a good whipping, to start with!

As fellow sufferers of humiliation, Lady Wang and Mrs Duan couldn’t shirk their responsibilities anymore and had to come forward .

Jin Li watched as the two ladies introduced themselves as Feng Wu’s aunt and Duan Chaoge’s stepmother respectively .

Jin Li snorted . “Take them back home now . They’re only going to bring shame to themselves and your families here . ”

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“Yes, of course —”

Lady Wang and Mrs Duan gritted their teeth, but had no choice but to smile obsequiously .

Lady Wang went up to Feng Wu, grabbed the latter by her sleeve, and said in a low, intimidating voice, “Feng Wu, are you done making a joke of yourself here? Go back home with me right this instant!”

Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment and said earnestly, “No, I won’t . ”

Lady Wang almost had a heart attack . “How can you be so shameless?! Your scam has failed and these people are all laughing at you! You’re bringing shame down on the entire Feng clan! Go back home! Now!”

She then tried to drag Feng Wu away .

But —

She couldn’t make Feng Wu move an inch .

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Feng Wu looked at her innocently . “What scam? My permit is genuine . ”

Chaoge was also yelling at the top of her lungs . “My permit is real! Like, it can’t be any more real than this! Why are you saying that we forged them? Are you blind or something?!”

Many onlookers watched with open mouths —

Mu Yaoyao herself was cracking up . “Hahahaha — I’ve never met someone as shameless as you two! Your scam has already failed and you’re still sticking to your lie . That’s just, hahahahah —”

At Mu Yaoyao’s words, many followed suit and began to laugh as well .

Jin Lin’s face was livid . “I’ve received the instruction from Mr Lu that the exam will start in fifteen minutes . Feng Wu, Duan Chaoge, are you not going to leave willingly? Fine . I hereby condemn these two people for disturbing order on the day of the exam . Take them down and lock them up in the dungeon! We’ll deal with them later!”

Imperial College came with its own jail .

Four stalwart men appeared from behind Jin Li, and all with bulging muscles, which was a clear sign of their considerable physical strength!

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and her lips curled into a dangerous smile .

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This teacher had been pushing her limits for so long that she left Feng Wu with no choice but to teach her a lesson .

However, before Feng Wu could do anything —


A gust of wind blew across the square!

Clouds of sand rose up and pebbles skittered across the ground .

The air became so dusty that people had a hard time keeping their eyes open .

There was a frightening energy around them!

Oh god… What was happening?

As a matter of fact, Jun Linyuan had arrived —

He had run as fast as he could like a streak of lightning!

However, he slowed down once he reached the front gate of Imperial College . Clearing his throat, he put his hands behind his back and strolled into the courtyard .

Feng walked behind him .

Because all eyes were on Feng Wu at the moment and everyone was ready to see her bring shame upon herself —

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