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Published at 24th of April 2020 05:00:26 PM
Chapter 592

Chapter 592 What“s Happening to This World?

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Putting her hands behind her back and sticking out her chest, Feng Wu darted a look at Jun Linyuan . “You know, you’re not the only one who has a temper, Your Royal Highness . Other people have emotions, too . You’re not that unique!”

Everyone on their knees was astonished at Feng Wu’s words!

Feng Wu was so…

Did she have a death wish?

Did she have any idea who she was talking to?

Wait, she had addressed him as “Your Royal Highness,” so she must know that he was Jun Linyuan…

But she still said what she had, knowing that she was talking to His Royal Highness… Had she given up hope altogether because she knew she was doomed?

Jun Linyuan looked down at Feng Wu . The girl had gotten bolder . With her chin raised, she reminded him of a little peacock, which was… so adorable .

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Despite how he felt inside, Jun Linyuan kept his face grim and smirked at the teachers of Imperial College . “What’s going on?”

He… still hadn’t throttled Feng Wu? Well, it would happen soon enough . Kneeling on the ground, Jin Li was gloating inwardly, but she kept a straight face . “Your Royal Highness, this girl is called Feng Wu and she’s a cripple with no spiritual essence . However, she forged an exam permit and tried to sneak into the exam room . I caught her in action!

“Forging the exam permit for Imperial College is a heinous crime! She has to be punished as a warning to others!” Jin Li smiled maliciously .

“What do you think the proper punishment is, then?” Jun Linyuan shifted his brooding gaze to Jin Li .

His Royal Highness… was speaking to her…

Jin Li was so excited that even her voice trembled .

She suddenly recalled something .

His Royal Highness had been engaged to Feng Wu once . Although the engagement was called off, their names had still been mentioned together . Thus, His Royal Highness must hate Feng Wu so much for putting Jin Li in such a predicament .

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At that thought, Jin Li glanced at Mu Yaoyao, who nodded back at her .

That gave Jin Li the support she needed . She said loudly, “I think… a death penalty is the most appropriate!”

That shocked everyone!

Death penalty?!

Wasn’t that a bit too much?

Lady Wang and the others were thrilled at that statement!

The death penalty! Hahaha! Was Feng Wu really going to be killed to set an example? If Feng Wu was dead… Lady Wang had never felt so satisfied! That would be wonderful!

Standing next to Jun Linyuan, Feng was speechless when he looked at the crowd, as if they were the biggest idiots in the world .

Death penalty? You people must have lost your minds .

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Just then —

“Wait —”

Mr Lu, who had just gotten wind of the news, hurried into the courtyard . After taking in the situation, he was utterly befuddled .

He stared at Jin Li . “What did you just say?!”

Seeing Mr Lu, Jin Li said in a hurry, “Feng Wu should receive the death penalty for her crime!”

Mr Lu didn’t know what to say .

Before he could ask, Jin Li began to tell him what happened .

Mr Lu was even more bemused!

“You’re saying that… Little Feng Wu’s exam permit is fake?!” Mr Lu cried out in surprise and looked at the young teacher strangely .

“Yes, sir!” Jin Li had no idea what a fool she was making of herself and she actually handed Feng Wu’s and Chaoge’s exam permits to Mr Lu .

She even mumbled, “That’s a terrible replica, anyway . You can tell that it’s fake at first glance . ”

Mr Lu didn’t know what to say .

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