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Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Banned From Imperial College for Life?

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“Why?” The teacher smirked . “Do you not know why I told you to step down from there?!”

“I don’t . ” Feng Wu looked innocently confused .

By then, they had attracted everyone’s attention .

“You don’t know? You forged an exam permit! Stop telling me you don’t know in that innocent voice!” The teacher’s face was livid!

Immediately, everyone behind Feng Wu cried out in surprise!

“Forge an exam permit?”

“No kidding? Is that even doable?”

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“That’s so bold of her! Forging an exam permit?”

Looking at Feng Wu, Mu Yaoyao laughed until she was in tears . “Hahaha, hahaha, hahahaha — Feng Wu, that’s why you dared to join the line . You forged an exam permit, hahahaha —”

Instantly, all eyes were on the red booklet in the teacher’s hand .

The teacher cast a stern look at Feng Wu, then turned to Chaoge . “Your exam permit, please . ”

Chaoge handed the teacher her exam permit .

Another red booklet .

The teacher was furious!

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“You two are in it together, aren’t you? How dare you!” The teacher thought that her head was going to explode with fury!

“Hahahaha —”

Both Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin guffawed .

They knew it! There was no way that Duan Chaoge would qualify to take the exam . That girl was a fool!

“That’s it! The two of them forged their exam permits together!”

“That’s why they’ve been sticking with each other! They’re in this silly scam together!”

“What were they thinking? If they had to forge one, why didn’t they make it green? How can they be so stupid?”

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Mrs Duan gave Lady Wang a taunting look . “I see that’s how the Feng clan teaches their daughters . That’s an eye-opener . ”

Lady Wang was infuriated!

That Feng Wu was bringing shame down on the entire clan!

“Where are their parents? Quickly, take these two students away!” The teacher exchanged looks with Mu Yaoyao when no one was looking and raised her voice in an arrogant manner . “They’re banned from applying to Imperial College for life!”

Wow —

Everyone cried out in surprise .

“Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“Banned for life? Their futures will be ruined!”

Future recruits for the political and military circles were almost all graduates of Imperial College .

The teacher smirked . “Too much? It’s all there in the school regulations, rule number 53 . I’m only enforcing the regulations . ”

She then added, “Let me have a look at the names . Feng Wu of the Feng clan and Duan Chaoge of the Duan family, is it? Where are the people of the Feng and Duan families? Take them back now! Stop humiliating yourselves here!”

The teacher was puffed up with arrogance .

For Mu Yaoyao had promised the teacher, who was called Jin Li, a huge sum of money in return, if Jin Li could embarrass Feng Wu in front of everyone .

Lady Wang and Mrs Duan exchanged looks, and both saw humiliation in each other’s eyes .

“Why, Mrs Feng, is it? Feng Wu is a daughter of your family, isn’t she? Take her back now and teach her well . Virtue, not cultivation, should be the most important quality for a person . ”

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