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Chapter 588

Chapter 588 How Bold of You to Stay

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Feng Liu was also laughing so hard that she was in tears . “Oh god, that has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard . Hahahaha — Feng Wu is going to Imperial College? Hahahaha —”

Duan Chaoyue and Duan Chaoyin were also cracking up . “There’s no way that Chaoge is qualified to take the exam! Do you know how much her cultivation level dropped by? She’s only a Level 6 now!”

The prerequisite for the entrance exam was Level 9!

“Why are these people so annoying?!”

Zhao Shu and Ye Qing, who were slightly further ahead, turned around at the noise . They then saw those people laughing at Feng Wu .

Ye Qing sighed . “I didn’t know that she was that Feng Wu . After five years, she’s… But even if that’s the case, they shouldn’t laugh at her like that . ”

The queue was moving forward at a quick pace .

One would show their exam permit for inspection . Once it was verified and the candidate was cleared of any cheating materials, they were given permission to go in .

Feng Wu and Chaoge were in the same line and the inspector worked efficiently . In less than 15 minutes, it was their turn .

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By then, Mu Yaoyao had almost given herself cramps from all the laughing .

“Hahaha, Feng Wu, how bold of you, staying in that line just to save face . ”

There were two lines in total .

Mu Yaoyao had deliberately stayed by Feng Wu’s side and kept taunting the latter as they moved forward .

However, Feng Wu didn’t even look at her during the process .

It was as if Mu Yaoyao didn’t exist .

But Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t let it drop .

Feng Wu had endured everything so that she could get back at them when the time was right .

At the same time .

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Lovebird Valley .

Once Feng had taken care of everything as the crown prince commanded, he went back to his young master .

“Your Royal Highness, it’s been taken care of . Miss Wu has arrived at Imperial College,” reported Feng .

“I see,” Jun Linyuan said in an indifferent tone . Putting his hands behind his back, he looked at the view in the valley .

“Your Royal Highness,” said Feng casually, “They were laughing at Miss Wu . ”

“What?” Jun Linyuan frowned and turned his piercing gaze on Feng .

“They were laughing at Miss Wu for showing up at the exam without any cultivation ability… Your Royal Highness, will they bully Miss Wu?”

Jun Linyuan’s back stiffened .

“I hope they won’t give Miss Wu a hard time for the exam permit . Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness —”

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Feng watched as his young master charged down the slope!

He ran so fast!

Thump! He smashed into a tree and the tree was in pieces .

With a wave of his hand, Jun Linyuan leveled a small hill flat .

When Feng saw him again, Jun Linyuan was at the foot of the mountain .

Feng went after his master in a hurry .

Before long, Jun Linyuan arrived at Imperial College .

It had taken him about an hour to take Feng Wu out there on his shoulder, but he used less than ten minutes to get back to town…

He was this fast when he was furious!

As it turned out… he had taken a detour when he took Feng Wu out last night .

But Feng Wu didn’t know that . It was her turn to be inspected at the moment .

The inspector was a female teacher whom Feng Wu hadn’t met before .

Feng Wu handed her the red booklet, then went to stand on a low stone platform, where she would be searched .

“What —”

The inspector narrowed her eyes in a dangerous manner when she saw Feng Wu’s exam permit .

“You —”

Staring at Feng Wu, the teacher raised the exam permit . “Come here . ”

Feng Wu was bewildered . “Why?”

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