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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:25:51 PM
Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Hahahaha —

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“She must kneel and apologize!” Mrs Duan was anything but forgiving and she demanded that Feng Wu get down on her knees .

Chaoge smirked . “Forget about the apology already . And kneel? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Duan Chaoge!”

Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue bellowed in unison!

They never knew that Duan Chaoge could be this daring!

“Oh my, what’s going on? Why is everyone here? This looks fun —”

A pretentious, cloying voice came from a short distance away .

And everyone turned to look —

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“Isn’t that Princess Mu?”

It was indeed Mu Yaoyao, the daughter of the Mu Mansion .

“Wow, it’s Princess Mu! Grand Secretary Fang’s granddaughter!”

“Grand Secretary Fang is one of the seven members of the education board . Although he didn’t design the questions this time, he’s done so a few times in the past . ”

“So, Princess Mu has an advantage this time, right?”

Many eyed Mu Yaoyao expectantly, as if wanting to pry her head open to have a look inside .

Some even called out, “Princess Mu, do you know what we’re going to be tested on?”

Mu Yaoyao rolled her eyes grumpily .

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She didn’t like that question at all!

She had thought that Grand Secretary Fang being her grandfather, she was sure to get in . All she needed was a little hint from the old man!

However, to her utmost surprise, Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t her grandfather at all!

Well, at least he was her granduncle, wasn’t he?

However, the old man wouldn’t tell her anything, let alone the actual exam questions, while the others just assumed that she knew everything .

Mu Yaoyao had come to the exam in a foul mood . When she heard that Feng Wu was getting laughed at here, she came as soon as she could .

“Why, isn’t it Feng Wu, the once genius of the Feng family and a useless piece of shit now? Why do you have to come here on such a joyful day? You’re only bringing humiliation to yourself, you know?”

Mu Yaoyao grinned at Feng Wu and gave the latter a contemptuous look .

Seeing that Mu Yaoyao was rather hostile to Feng Wu, both the Duan and Feng families let out a breath of relief .

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Before Feng Wu could say anything, a voice came from the front of the crowd . “All candidates, stand in a line on the left and all family members should make their way to the back . Now!”

The inspection was going to start now .

However, to everyone’s surprise —

Feng Wu and Chaoge went to join the line as well .

Mu Yaoyao grabbed Chaoge right away . “Hey, you two . Get back there . This is where the candidates line up!”

Feng Wu was a cripple and Chaoge a fool . There was no way that they were candidates!

Mu Yaoyao made sure that her voice was loud enough for everyone to hear .

Many looked back and smirked at Feng Wu and Chaoge .

Feng Wu kept her composure and remained unperturbed . Chaoge, on the other hand, couldn’t take it anymore . She yelled, “Why should we?! We’re here to take the exam!”

Mu Yaoyao guffawed .

So did Duan Chaoyin .

And Feng Liu .

And everyone else .

Anyone who had the tiniest amount of cultivation could tell that Feng Wu had no spiritual essence . She was just a commoner . Take the entrance exam of Imperial College? She had to be joking!

Mu Yaoyao pressed her hands to her stomach and laughed until she was in tears . “Oh god . Seriously, Feng Wu, can you be any more ridiculous? You? Imperial College? Hahahaha —”

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