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Published at 24th of April 2020 07:26:00 PM
Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Feng Wu the Robber

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The nice-looking teenager had been reciting a poem about how the girl was so beautiful she was beyond description .

However, the next moment, that genteel girl who looked softer and slimmer than a willow branch…

She jumped up, kicked him out of the saddle, and robbed him of his horse .

Not only that, she also tossed a spiritual stone onto his chest as if she was sending a beggar away . “I’ll take it!”

After that, with a clatter of hooves —

The girl disappeared into the distance with the horse .

The teenager was speechless .

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He was the son of an emperor, for Christ’s sake! Spirit stones were the least of his concern!

Feng Wu had no idea that she had just forced her offer on a royal prince… All she could think of was getting to Imperial College ASAP!

The exam, the exam, the exam…

Feng Wu was worried sick!

After all the hard work and all the books she had read and recited, if her chance was ruined because she was late to the exam… she didn’t think she would be able to take it .

“Hya — faster, faster, faster —”

Blood rumbled in Feng Wu’s ears and the wind grazed her cheeks like blades .

All she could think of now was whether she could still go in when she arrived late .

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Chaoge should have gone in already, right?

While Jun Linyuan was giving Feng Wu a hard time, Yu Mingye had a rough night as well .

He spent the whole night shivering on Imperial Capital Tower, jumping at every little noise .

A wolf howled in the middle of the night and he thought it was Jun Linyuan coming . He almost jumped off the tower in fright .

In the end, he was so cold that he had to catch the wolf, skin it, and turn it into a stew . However, he ate until the day broke and Jun Linyuan still didn’t show up…

Feng Wu rode the horse as fast as she could and it still took her two hours to get to town .

By then, Feng Wu almost had a nervous breakdown .

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It was a two-hour ride, which meant that it was eleven o’clock already… The exam would have finished by now .

Feng Wu heaved a long sigh, but she wouldn’t give up just yet and still rushed to Imperial College as soon as she could manage .

However, she was astonished when she arrived at the square outside the college!


That wasn’t right!

Why were there so many people?

A lot of parents were here, but there were teenagers as well, who looked like exam candidates .

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Jumping off the horse, Feng Wu grabbed the first person she saw and asked, “Has the exam started yet?”

The person she asked was a teenager with delicate features . He was dazed by Feng Wu’s beauty when he saw her face… Involuntarily, he blushed and lowered his gaze .

However, he then spotted Feng Wu’s fluffy pajamas and her fluffy slippers… He raised his head in astonishment and looked at her strangely .

“Answer me . Has the exam started yet?” Feng Wu glared at him .

“Oh, right —” The teenager came back to himself and replied . “No, it hasn’t . ”

“How come? Shouldn’t it have started like two hours ago?” Feng Wu’s eyes widened in surprise . In that moment, all her anxiety was gone, turning into curiosity instead .

Before the teenager could answer, a teenage girl moved closer and said, “Right? It should have started a long time ago, but the exam got postponed . ”

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